Art Work By Kris

This page has been created to display some of Kris' (a Jonathan fan) art work, we thank Kris for letting us display her fine work on this website for all to see.

About the artist

How did you become a Jonathan fan?

I've been a fan since I was around 5 years old. My babysitter, Jenni, was a huge fan, and she always watched Home Improvement when she was over. I just found Jonathan's character to be incredibly amusing, so I tended to favor him more. Three years later I was watching the Diseny Channel, and they were advertising their newest movie The Lion King. I remember them saying in the previews "voice talents including... blah blah blah.. and Home Improvement's Jonathan Taylor Thomas." I was like, "Oh, it's him!" For the next couple months I watched interviews with him and found him amusing and just the cutest thing ever, and it's remained the same ever since. The only difference is that I've matured and admire his talents as opposed to his face.

Why did you decide to create this piece of art?

I'm a very serious art student and have been for years, and this fall I'll even be in AP. I always wanted to draw a detailed portrait of someone but never really got the motivation to do it, until I saw the this year's AP class's portrait studies. They were to choose a picture of someone, and do a series of four drawings one in graphite, one black and white cut out, and two abstract. I got really nervous about being able to draw a portrait well so I decided to practice, and since I had started making a website for Jonathan, I decided to do a portrait of him.

You can find more artwork created by Kris following the following link: