Celebrity Sightings Chat

Joel, Jonathan's brother, is Chatmc

Chatmc enters.

Chatmc says, "Hello Kbarb"

Kbarb tells Chatmc "hiya joel"

Chatmc says, "Alright everyone???? Are you guys and gals ready????"

Jtt-cs enters.

Monkybutt-cs says, "Welcome all you happy CS campers! We're chatting withJonathan Taylor Thomas today, but you know that!"

Chatmc says, "We are about to get rollin!!!!!!!!!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Mr. Joel is our MC today"

Chatmc says, "Alright!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "hello Jonathan!"

Jtt-cs says, "Hi Monkybutt!!!!"

Jtt-cs says, "How ya doing today - it's good to be here"

.Monkybutt-cs says, "Are you ready to get started?"

Chatmc presents question #2 from Yankees:
Do really eat tofu sausage?

Jtt-cs says, "Yep let's roll"

Jtt-cs says, "Yeah I sure do and anyone who saw Rosie O'Donnell saw me give her some tofu"

Chatmc presents question #8 from Beckya:
Hi! Welcome back to CS! Have you heard that new band "Hanson"? If so, what do you think of them?

Monkybutt-cs says, "We all saw that"

Jtt-cs says, "Yeah I've heard of them, I saw them perform they have an interesting sound"

Chatmc presents question #5 from Morrisg:
I have just passed my driving test a few months ago and people are talking about Randy driving on the next season of HI. When do you start and are you getting a car? are you excited?

Jtt-cs says, "I haven't heard any word, but I assume Randy will start driving next season and I look forward to it as I do in real life"

Chatmc presents question #15 from Morrisg:
There is A lion king 2 in the pipelines- are you going to be involved. You have done quite a few animated films- do you find them as enjoyable and as challenging?

Jtt-cs says, "Acutally no I'm not going to be involved in the Lion King 2, but I do enjoy that kind of work"

Chatmc presents question #14 from Yankees:
what celebs do you still want to act with?

Jtt-cs says, "Robert DeNiro, Jodie Foster"

Chatmc presents question #7 from Doppey:
Do you chat anywhere else?

Jtt-cs says, "No - only on Celebrity Sightings"

Chatmc presents question #18 from Rokrman:
Did you like Rosie Odonnell ? Is she nice in real life ?

Jtt-cs says, "Yeah, she's a very lovely woman - that's the second time I've done the show"

Chatmc presents question #36 from Kevin:
Did you and the other guys from Wild America really "bond" and become like brothers?

Jtt-cs says, "Yeah they're great guys and we had a fantastic time doing the film"

Chatmc presents question #35 from Yankees:
what was the most dangerous stunt you did in the filming on whild america?

Jtt-cs says, "Filming with the 1100 pound bears!"

Chatmc says, "sounds scarry!"

Chatmc presents question #21 from Kevin:
What is the most exciting part about being invloved with CS?

Jtt-cs says, "It was!!"

Jtt-cs says, "I get to intereact directly with my fans - its great!!!!"

Chatmc presents question #48 from Yankees:
Do you ever get tired playing Randy?

Jtt-cs says, "No I really enjoy it - I've been doing it for 7 years now, so its almost like second nature"

Chatmc presents question #58 from Claire:
do you have a favorite author and do you have a certain inspirational place?

Jtt-cs says, "Yeah I like J D Salinger!! Prague, Chec republic - that's a really inspirational place"

Chatmc presents question #3 from Kevin:
Welcome back to CS!! We are happy you came. Tell us how you think Wild America will do at the box office!

Jtt-cs says, "I hope all my CS fans will go and see it and email me about it at CS"

Chatmc presents question #70 from Laura:
So Jonathan, were ya nervous kissing "Lauren" on the show??

Chatmc says, "oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "spicy little question there"

Jtt-cs says, "No really because it was my second scene, but I had practiced before"

Chatmc presents question #75 from Yankees:
What is the funniest prank that anyone ever pulled on you?

Jtt-cs says, "this is a tough one"

Monkybutt-cs says, "that is tough"

Monkybutt-cs says, "lets come back to it"

Jtt-cs says, "I'll come back to it later"

Chatmc presents question #81 from Brook:
Okay... You're a Virgo. Virgos are said to be neat-freaks. Therefore, do you consider yourself to be one?

Jtt-cs says, "Usually, but during finals my room looks like a disaster area!"

Chatmc presents question #83 from Kevin:
How does it make you feel to see the number of people who have come to visit you here at CS?

Jtt-cs says, "It's very flattering thank you, keep coming back!!!!"

Chatmc presents question #89 from Kevin:
Do you prefer fly fishing to all other types of fishing..?

Jtt-cs says, "Yes because its the most artistic and the most challenging"

Chatmc presents question #96 from Brook:
Do you think that there is really TRUE equality of the sexes in this country or not?

Jtt-cs says, "No, but I think we're working towards it and we're further along than we've ever been"

Chatmc presents question #76 from Beckya:
Did you and your Wild America co-stars actually fight on the movie set?

Jtt-cs says, "No never!!! We got along GREAT!"

Chatmc presents question #114 from Gdotazz:
Hi Jonathan... Its nice to finally get to talk to the real you =) What do you plan on doing this summer?

Jtt-cs says, "Travelling around, promoting Wild America and then I go back to work at the end of July"

Chatmc presents question #123 from Mcisar:
Hey Jonathan... you've obviously had the opportunity to watch Wild America several times... are you happy with your performance, or are there some scenes you watch and just say... "i coulda done better".

Jtt-cs says, "Unfortunately I tend to be quite critical and try not to critique my performance, but overall I think the movie is good"

Chatmc presents question #57 from Yankees:
Does your brother ever try to tempt you to eat meat?

Jtt-cs says, "My brother is very respectful of my eating habits"

Chatmc presents question #141 from Amyr:
What kind of shampoo and toothpaste do you use?

Monkybutt-cs says, "there's the old question...."

Jtt-cs says, "Lately the hotel stuff, but I usually use Rembrandt and Kirklend shampoo wow I remembered the names!"

Chatmc presents question #1 from Morrisg:
Hi Jonathan, nice to talk to you again! Entertainment Weekly magazine called HI "homogenized." Do you think HI needs more bite, more unusual story lines?

Jtt-cs says, "No I think its a show made for middle America and the goal is to make typical life humorous"

Chatmc presents question #144 from Snowbunny1:
Jonathan, hi. Two things one. What does your brother say to my proposal. he hee. and two if you could be any flavour of ice what would you be and why??????????

Monkybutt-cs says, "hhmmmm... what does joel think?"

Chatmc says, "Hello snowbunny!!!"

Jtt-cs says, "Ice-cream.............hmmmmmmmmm"

Jtt-cs says, "tofu ice-cream"

Chatmc presents question #59 from Brook:
How do you feel about the TV ratings system?

Monkybutt-cs says, "yum yum"

Jtt-cs says, "I think its a good thing, but it needs to be even more upfront"

Chatmc presents question #160 from Simba1:
Hey Jonathan!!!!! I was wondering how (if you can) get tickets to watch Home Improvement being taped????? (c:

Jtt-cs says, "Through a company called Audience Unlimited?"

Chatmc presents question #157 from Keiko:
What do you think about we're destroying our home planet? Oh, and good luck, Jonathan!! Best wishes from Spain!

Jtt-cs says, "Yes I think we are, the disappearing rainforests, and the disappearance of different species"

Chatmc presents question #179 from Amyr:
Do you believe in aliens? what would you do if you are ever abducted?

Jtt-cs says, "I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me. I'd say 'take me to your leader and be gentle'"

Chatmc presents the speakers with question #190 from Jntluvsjtt:
Hi. What do you like to be called (Jon, Jonathan, JT....)?

Jtt-cs says, "Jon or Jonathan"

Chatmc presents question #192 from Elaine08:
I was wondering...Do you like living on the west coast? :o) Thanks for coming to chat tonight! (Seems like you've had a busy day!)

Jtt-cs says, "Yes I do, but I also enjoy all parts of America"

Chatmc presents question #197 from Spacetech:
Are they planning to have Randy go through any more emotionally challenging ordeal such as the cancer episode in the comming season?

Jtt-cs says, "It's a definite possibility, but our primary goal is to make people laugh"

Chatmc presents question #115 from Claire:
cool I can't believe Jtt is actually reading this, what is your favorite thing to do on a lazy summer day?

Monkybutt-cs says, "thats a good question!"

Jtt-cs says, "go outside and play sports or read a book"

Chatmc presents question #206 from Terry-c:
Hi Jonathan!! Thanx for chatting!! First of all I'd like to say that I think you're a very talented young man!! I love you sooo much!! OK Here is my question!: Who do you consider your ideal role model???? :0)

Jtt-cs says, "My brother!!!"

Chatmc says, "funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "how nice!"

Chatmc presents question #210 from Capulet:
Are you and Kirsten Dunst friends?

Jtt-cs says, "I've only met her once and she seems very nice"

Chatmc presents question #91 from Laura:
You bring quite a crowd, WOW. Anyway, Do you ever want to produce or Direct in the future?

Jtt-cs says, "Definitely that's in my future"

Chatmc presents question #222 from Kmmayers:
Hi JTT I'm from England I know in the past you have visited England do you like the country and have you ever visited Birmingham, England?

Jtt-cs says, "I was not too far away in Stratford on Avon and yes England is a wonderful country"

Chatmc presents question #225 from Dcdlld:
how do u stay in such GREAT shape?~ Diana

Jtt-cs says, "I play a lot of sports"

Chatmc presents question #191 from Amyr:
If there were a big hurricane coming and you can only save 3 things what 3 things would you save?

Jtt-cs says, "this is a tough one"

Jtt-cs says, "my family, my pets and my friends"

Chatmc presents question #246 from Scorpio:
What scares you? What makes you really happy?

Jtt-cs says, "Presidential elections scare me"

Monkybutt-cs says, "lol"

Jtt-cs says, "World peace would make me happy"

Chatmc presents question #174 from Capulet:
do you like Bob marley still?

Jtt-cs says, "Yeah I still love Bob Marley - he's great"

Chatmc presents question #9 from Doppey:
What position in soccer do you play?

Jtt-cs says, "Right full back and right wing"

Chatmc presents question #247 from Laurad:
I am just finishing my finals- How did yours go?

Jtt-cs says, "They went well, I've never studied so much in my life!"

Chatmc presents question #271 from Laura:
Where would you love to visit that you haven't?

Jtt-cs says, "I'd like to spend some time in Africa"

Chatmc presents question #218 from Katille:
What is Wild America rated?

Jtt-cs says, "PG"

Chatmc presents question #276 from Sweetie:
What are you going to do now that Wild America is finished?

Jtt-cs says, "I'm going to be travelling to various part of the country promoting it, and hopefully some recreation"

Chatmc presents question #248 from Kitty2cute:
Will u ever take a role as a villain?

Jtt-cs says, "Yeah - as long as it was a challenge and a good role"

Chatmc presents question #284 from Rebeca:
If you are a vegetarian, what do you do with the fish you catch?

Jtt-cs says, "I practice 'catch and release'"

Chatmc presents question #277 from Dcdlld:
do u have a celebrity crush?~ Diana

Jtt-cs says, "Yes Cameron Diaz"

Monkybutt-cs says, "good taste jon!"

Chatmc presents question #146 from Chloelee:
Hey, Jonathan,I would like to know if you find it difficult to sustain a high morale in all the chaos in Hollywood?

Jtt-cs says, "No becuase I have very supportive friends and family"

Chatmc presents question #295 from Talon:
of all the actors/actresses you've worked with on tv and in the movies, who has been the most fun to work with?

Jtt-cs says, "probably Devon and Scott"

Jtt-cs says, "Don't forget next Monday at 4p.m.

Jtt-cs says, "I'll be chatting with Devon and the director of Wild America"

Chatmc presents question #301 from Katille:
What would you do if you werent into acting?

Jtt-cs says, "hmmmmmmm"

Jtt-cs says, "play more sports"

Jtt-cs says, "and have more time with my friends and family"

Chatmc presents question #161 from Dmich:
whats up jtt. what do you think of all the fake pictures and nasty rumors that are spread around about you on the internet.

Jtt-cs says, "It's all wrong, I hope people don't pay attention to any of it and the truth in only on Celebrity Sightings"

Chatmc presents the speakers with question #321 from Kate:
whats your favorite dave matthews band song?

Jtt-cs says,"Satelite and Crash"

Chatmc presents question #328 from Dmich:
did you like working with brad renfro?

Jtt-cs says, "Yeah he's a great guy and an extremely talented actor - we had great fun"

Chatmc presents question #336 from Hepcat:
What is your favorite basketball team?

Jtt-cs says, "Boston Celtics"

Chatmc says, "go celtics!!!!!!!!!!!"

Chatmc presents question #344 from Tigger1414:
What movie was the most fun to make?

Jtt-cs says, "Wild America because we got to travel and work with lots of different animals"

Chatmc presents question #358 from Cortney:
What are your favorite kinds of clothes?

Jtt-cs says, "Comfortable, but not too baggy"

Chatmc says, "Alright hope everyone is having a terrific time!!!!!!!"

Chatmc presents question #365 from Tim_mk:
do you enjoy the MTV sports shows you were in? how many did you do?

Jtt-cs says, "I had a great time, I did basketball and football team"

Monkybutt-cs says, "OK, just a couple more question with Jon here and then maybe we'll do a litte trivia contest."

Chatmc says, "One more question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

Chatmc presents question #337 from Marksmen:
How was it to stick your hand in the bears mouth

Monkybutt-cs says, "sounds scary"

Jtt-cs says, "It was frightening and wet!!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Shall we pop into your room for a few minutes?"

Jtt-cs says, "Next Monday on Celebrity Sightings I'll be chatting at 4 p.m with Devon Sawa and the director Bill"

Monkybutt-cs says, "That's sure to be a really cool one Jon!"

Jtt-cs says, "Wild America opens on July 2nd, so all you CS fans get ready"

Chatmc says, "Thank you all for coming out!!!!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "We hope everyone joins us for that one, too!"

Jtt-cs says, "On July 9th there will be a special trivia about Wild America and we'll be giving away great prizes from Wild America"

Chatmc says, "Thanks all!!!!!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Sounds great! Thanks everyone for some great questions!"


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