Celebrity Sightings Chat

Jonathan-cs says, "hello"

Chatmc says, "Hello Jonathan!"

Jonathan-cs says, "Good afternoon everyone thanks for coming today"

Jonathan-cs says, "hello chatmc"

Chatmc says, "Marshall Stouffer will be here today, too. The movie is based on him and Jonathan plays him in the movie. send you questions in!"

Chatmc says, "Jon, glad to see you again, hows all the press going?"

Chatmc says, "To ask Jonathan a question, go to the auditorium or a skybox"

Jonathan-cs says, "its going well...I have been travelling quite a bit promoting Wild America"

Chatmc says, "Sounds crazy! We'll lets get started!"

Chatmc presents question #2 from Yankees:
jonathan, what was it like working with all the animals?

Jonathan-cs says, "lets"

Jonathan-cs says, "The animals were great...the bears were my particulare favorite"

Jonathan-cs says, "thats particular"

Chatmc presents question #27 from Dcdlld:
jonathan how did u like your visit 2 san diego?~ Diana

Jonathan-cs says, "Hey Diana San Diego is a great town...I would love to go back soon"

Chatmc presents question #61 from Morrisg:
Jonathan, the 'Wild America' promotional campaign you are on seems to be the largest you have ever embarked on! How have you found it? Are you really exhausted?

Jonathan-cs says, "Yes we have been to 8 cities in 12 days....I am pretty exhausted"

Chatmc presents question #91 from Srb1:
Jonathan: What did that ring on your finger stand for that you wore on Rosie. It looked great!

Jonathan-cs smiles at Chatmc.

Jonathan-cs says, "That ring I bought it for $10 in New york it really doesnt have that much meaning"

Chatmc says, "But it sure looks cool!"

Jonathan-cs says, "Thanks for noticing though"

Chatmc presents question #116 from Mcisar:
Jonathan... you've been traveling a LOT promoting WA, being a vegetarian, do you find some parts of the US/Canada less "vegetarian friendly" than others?

Jonathan-cs says, "Yes in some places its tough to find vegetarian cuisine"

Chatmc presents question #3 from Yankees:
jonathan, did Devon pull any pranks on you during the filming?

Jonathan-cs says, "um........lets just say I was the constant littlebrother....and I got picked on quite a lot"

Jonathan-cs bonks Chatmc on the head.

Chatmc pokes Jonathan-cs in the chest.

Chatmc presents question #139 from Spacetech:
Are you looking forward to being on letterman?

Jonathan-cs says, "Wow ...I am going on the show next week....how did you know I only just found out myself ( smile)"

Jonathan-cs kicks Chatmc.

Jonathan-cs says, "hee hee"

Chatmc says, "Our members know EVERYTHING!!!"

Chatmc ouch!

Chatmc presents question #147 from Camille:
Jonathan : Paleontology is awesome!! Didja guys get a chance to check out any of the dinosaur fossils in Drumheller?

Jonathan-cs says, "We went to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller it was fascinating"

Chatmc presents question #164 from Amyr:
JTT Hi! How are you doing? I think you are one of the most sweetest, nicest, honest, intelligent, friendliest, and most caring person around.

Chatmc says, "aaawwwwww, thats so nice!"

Jonathan-cs says, "Awwww thats very flattering AmyR thank you so much ; )"

Chatmc presents question #122 from Natygirl:
/ask Jonathan: what was the most scariest time you fwhile you were filming Wild America.

Jonathan-cs smiles at AmyR

Jonathan-cs says, "filming 2ft away from an 1100 pound bear was a little unnerving"

Chatmc says, "yikes!"

Chatmc presents question #183 from Srb1:
Jonathan: Ive seen early pix of you wearing glasses. Are you nearsighted or farsighted, and do u wear contacts now?

Jonathan-cs says, " I wore reading glasses in second grade but I dodnt need to wear them so much anymore"

Chatmc presents question #207 from Snowbunny1:
so did rosie like the Tofu dog (really)?

Jonathan-cs says, "no.....she was rather turned off by it"

Chatmc says, "she doesn't know what she is missing!"

Chatmc presents question #240 from Princess1:
Jonathan What do you collect?

Jonathan-cs says, "thats the truth"

Jonathan-cs says, "I collect baseball cards"

Chatmc presents question #251 from Jttluvr:
Jonathan........hello.....i just wanted to say that i think you are areally great person.....and do you have any advice for someone who wants to be an actress and is willing to make all the sacrafices?

Jonathan-cs says, "what I would say is just make sure that its something you really want to do and feel passionate about"

Jonathan-cs says, "sorry I am being slow"

Chatmc says, "Thats ok, we all understand"

Jonathan-cs says, "we have lots of camera here from E Entertainment TV"

Jonathan-cs says, "and The Director of Wild America has just arrived"

Chatmc says, "I just heard that that William Dear, the Director will be on shortly!"

Jonathan-cs says, "His name is Bill Dear"

Chatmc says, "but Jon beat me too it."

Jonathan-cs says, "'Yeah he will be online later today"

Chatmc presents question #266 from Crys:
Hey Jonathan!! Your pets are sooo cute!!!!!! Especially Mac!!!! N-e-wayz, u ever planning on getting more pets?

Jonathan-cs says, "He is notoriously witt"

Jonathan-cs says, "well Crys .. I would love to.........unfortunately I travel too much but I would love another cat or dog"

Jonathan-cs says, "where is ChatMC?"

Jonathan-cs says, "By the way everyone the movie is opening on July 2nd I hope you all like it"

Jonathan-cs says, "wb ChatMc"

Chatmc says, "wow... sorry about that. that was weird!"

Jonathan-cs says, "yikes"

Chatmc presents question #311 from Terry-c:
Jonathan *I LOVE YOU!!! heehee :0)* OK Jonathan, how would u compare in Wild America?? How do you thikn you are similar/different to it?? :0)8I LOVE YOU! heehee :0)* :0)

Jonathan-cs says, "um......"

Jonathan-cs bites Chatmc.

Jonathan-cs says, " well....."

Chatmc says, "ouch!"

Jonathan-cs says, "Well I am shorter...he is 6ft tall and 43 years old"

Jonathan-cs says, "but apart from that"

Chatmc says, "lol"

Jonathan-cs says, "I know marshal pretty well....we are both pretty intuitive"

Chatmc presents question #269 from Alohagirl:
Will you be staying to chat a little afterward?

Jonathan-cs says, "I am going to have to go back to the press conferenecein a minute"

Jonathan-cs says, "But I can stay for a couple more questions"

Chatmc presents question #272 from Srb1:
Jonathan: With "Randy" having a health problem on H.I., have you everexperienced anything to prepair you for that?

Jonathan-cs says, "No I have always been very healthy so far....thank god"

Chatmc presents question #345 from Mandy:
JTT: Do you always get along with Taran and Zach, or are you more likereal brothers?

Jonathan-cs says, "They are great guys ...we have worked together foryears......"

Chatmc presents question #228 from Keeling:
Now for a probing question. Do you still use the same shampoo? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

Jonathan-cs says, "can we take 2 more quick questions ?"

Chatmc says, "hows that for a quickie?"

Jonathan-cs says, "same as what ?"

Chatmc says, "same as yesterday?"

Jonathan-cs says, " I always use Kirkland"

Chatmc presents question #301 from Kirstie:
Jonathon, why don't you sing in your movies?

Chatmc says, "we ALL want to know that one!"

Jonathan-cs says, "well Kirstie........I am not musically inclined butmaybe one day"

Jonathan-cs says, "I have to sign off right now"

Chatmc says, "Thanks for coming by Jon!"

Chatmc says, "Good luck with all the other press you have going there!"

Jonathan-cs says, "but stick around cos we have Mr Bill Dear standing by to answer all the questionss about the movie"

Chatmc says, "Hey all you CS'ers out there, please be patient. We have TONS of questions here. We'll try to get around to as many as we can!!"

Chatmc says, "We're looking forward to chatting with Bill"

Chatmc says, "Welcome Bill!"

Chatmc says, "It's so nice to have you here at Celebrity Sightings"

Chatmc says, "Mr. William Dear is here with us signed on as Director-cs."

Chatmc says, "But it looks like he may have just crashed, so keep thosequestions coming and we'll get to as many as we can!"

Chatmc says, "Hello William!"

Director-cs says, "hi guys"

Director-cs says, "how is everyone today?"

Director-cs says, "Thanks for coming"

Chatmc says, "We're doing great, how are you?"

Chatmc says, "We have loads of questions for you!"

Director-cs says, "I am excited"

Chatmc says, "Well then, lets start!"

Chatmc presents question #90 from Morrisg:
Mr. Dear, sometimes the role of Director means you must try to keepfocuse and concentration throughout the cast. How focused were these guys? How often did they relieve the pressure and just 'Crack Up'?

Director-cs says, "Well Morris.....each in his own way is a very trainedactor, and with that in place I could encourage a freedom to improve which always led to one of us cracking up"

Director-cs says, "usually at innapropriate times"

Director-cs says, "It kept the movie fresh"

Chatmc presents question #96 from Morrisg:
Mr. Dear, I live in England. The vibe I am getting is that 'Wild America'is, in Hollywood terms, a relatively small film. Will it reach us here inEurope? How widespread would you like to think its success will be?

Director-cs says, "I would expect it will be enjoyed by people all over the world its about 3 kids with a dream and a quest for an unbeleivable goal"

Director-cs says, "a cave of 100 sleeping bears!!!!! and the journey thereis not easy"

Chatmc says, "i bet!!!"

Director-cs says, "as they almost become munchies for mother nature"

Chatmc presents question #291 from Rebeca:
director: what was the most important desition you had to make whilefilming Wild América?

Director-cs says, "Well Rebecca, the hardest decision that was constantlybeing adressed was that the real Stouffer brothers would always dounbeleivably dangerous things to their little brother Marshal ( Played byJTT) and in duplicating this for the screen"

Director-cs says, "these events I had to constantly be concerned that we dont do something that somebody would try to do at home"

Chatmc says, "like play with a bear?"

Director-cs says, " I didnt want anyone to imitate the stunts"

Chatmc presents question #492 from Kevin:
Who conceived this film? An more importantly, who gave the green light?

Director-cs says, " The film was conceived by Mark Stouffer, Irby Smith and David Michael Wieger"

Director-cs says, "I was then brought in to add humour and to shape it into a screen story"

Director-cs says, "Morgan Creek gave it the green light"

Chatmc presents question #563 from Mandy:
Bill: Any advice for an aspiring actress- how to get in, getting over nerves, etc...?

Chatmc says, "whoops, sorry about the bad timing! multi part answers throw me!"

Director-cs says, "This is for Mandy"

Director-cs says, "Mandy my advice is dont pretend and act like you are acting, if you believe it it will probably ring true"

Chatmc presents question #570 from Nathan:
Director-cs Are you the same William Dear who used to be a PI and wrote the book "The Dungeon Master"?

Director-cs says, "now for Nathans question"

Director-cs says, "Nathan : No that is William C Dear, who is a detective living in Dallas. Sometimes I mistakenly get his mail. Thank goodness I have never receieved any of the many bodies he has had exhumed"

Director-cs says, "( most notably Lee Harvey Oswalds)"

Chatmc says, "yuuuuuuuck!"

Director-cs smiles at Chatmc.

Chatmc presents question #580 from Spottedeagle:
Mr. Dear, how hard is it being a director? Do you know of any good schools to go to for cinema?

Director-cs says, "Well your parents video camera, your friends and LOTS of Tape! Dont be afraid to make mistakes"

Chatmc presents question #610 from Snowbunny1:
Mr. Dear Sorry about this mud thing again. Why is Jonathan always in Mud. Tom and Huck he was and now Wild America

Director-cs says, "Tom and Huck was just rehearsal mud......WILD AMERICA is the REAL mud!!!!!!!!!"

Chatmc presents question #595 from Matika:
Bill from all the movies you've directed, which was the most fun to direct?

Director-cs says, "Wild America , Time Rider and Harry and TheHendersons........( in that order)"

Chatmc presents question #590 from Cortney:
Since the brothers that were portrayed in the film were from arkansas, did you film in Arkansas at all?

Director-cs says, "No Cortney, the weather conditions and poroximity to good crew people had us using Savannah to duplicate Fort Smith in 1967"

Chatmc presents question #611 from Nodoubtgrrl:

Director-cs laughs at Chatmc.

Director-cs says, "everytime we were around water they had some devious plan to dunk me! When we were filming their home movie I gave Jonathan one of my secrets " When someone in the water holds out his hand and says help me up... NEVER EVER DO IT' !!!!!!!!"

Chatmc says, "Good advice Bill!"

Director-cs says, "Devon never knew this and you will see him innocently reach out for Scott only to be pulled right back in...the look on Jonathans face was AMAZING! LOL"

Chatmc says, "whoops! another multi parter!"

Director-cs says, "Yes Kreiger....the most fun I have on a movie is the first few times I see an audiance interacting with it, this movie is one of the best I have ever done for audiance interaction"

Director-cs says, " I wont tell you when you will jump out of your seat but YOU WILL"

Director-cs says, "I have just got time for maybe 2 more questions"

Chatmc says, "We're all looking forward to that!"

Chatmc presents question #584 from Julia2:
BIll...How was it working with the most popular teen heartthrobs in America?

Director-cs says, "WELL JULIA It made me feel special like I was the oldest director working!"

Chatmc presents question #664 from Raudet1083:
In my electronics class we do film video and edit the videos on the computer are there any thing that we should be taping? some of the kids in the class Mr .Dear started animation but got discouraged because it was taking so long? can you give me some advice? thanks

Director-cs says, "If you are asking about viewing movies fortechniques.....definately look at Orson Wells " Touch of Evil" for some of the best continuous camera work you will ever see"

Director-cs says, "also"

Director-cs says, "dont forget to go back to the other old time film makers who didnt have all the tricks that we have"

Director-cs says, "John Houston"

Director-cs says, "John Ford"

Chatmc says, "So, thatThanks for stopping by Bill! We really enjoyed chatting with you!"

Director-cs says, "William Weldman"

Director-cs says, "and the early works of your favorite film makers"

Chatmc says, "Thats good advice Bill"

Director-cs says, "I just wanted to say that WILD AMERICA was a film that I got to live from the inside out and"

Director-cs says, "doing a movie about boys with a movie camera who aspire to be film makers took me back to the days my friend Robert Dyke would blow up model airplanes in his back yard"

Director-cs says, "while we filmed them with his Dads wind up regular 8 movie camera"

Director-cs says, "I was in these boys dream because I had lived it and"

Director-cs says, "I have been fortunate to make real motion pictures- but I always try to keep 1 foot in the back yard"

Director-cs says, "Enjoy the Movie!!!!"

Chatmc says, "We will!"

Director-cs says, "Hold on"

Chatmc says, "Thansks for coming by!"

Director-cs says, "This is the hardest time for a filmaker"

Director-cs says, "because there is nothing more we can do"

Director-cs says, "the movie will live or die because of you....the fans"

Director-cs says, "this one is definately one worth keeping alive!!!!! Thank you all very much"

Chatmc says, "You're very welcome!'"

Chatmc says, "Thanks for all the great questions everyone! Sorry we couldn't answer them all, but we got in as many as we could!"

Chatmc says, "Hey everyone!!! Jonathan just sent me a message: He says goodbye, thanks for coming and the Premiere of Wild America is June 30th!"

Chatmc says, "If you're in L.A. on June 30th go to The Bruin/Villiage in Westwood and win BIG prizes! Get there early and see Jonathan arrive!"

Director-cs says, "Byr everyone"

Director-cs says, "enjoy WILD AMERICA"


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