Celebrity Sightings Chat

Bazza-cs says, " Ok we are almost ready"

Bazza-cs says, "Monkey Tatyana is coming right now"

Michael-cs says, "no but i got to see real soob"

Jason-cs says, "Oh...thanks Danielle...you couldn't have just told me...I'm sitting right here"

Bazza-cs says, "How is everyone feeeling here at Planet Hollywood?"

Monkybutt-cs says, "great, lets get started!"

Michael-cs says, "i meen soon ha ha ha"

Jessica-cs says, "Fabulous :)"

Danielle-cs says, "i havent seen it yet but i want to really badly. Has anyone seen ConAir?"

Vanessa-cs says, "michael mean not meen"

Danielle-cs says, "i really liked it"

Jason-cs says, "Seen it."

Jason-cs says, "loved it"

Jessica-cs says, "I haven't seen Con Air yet."

Monkybutt-cs says, "OK, lets start then..."

Bazza-cs says, "Ok we are READY"

Michael-cs says, "excellent"

Vanessa-cs says, "con air was a cool movie"

Danielle-cs says, "Thank YOu guys for caring enuf to talk to us all!"

Danielle-cs says, "we are glad to be here! Trust me!;-)"

Bazza-cs says, "Alrighy then"

Bazza-cs says, "Monkey ? lets have a good question"

Danielle-cs says, "oops thanks"

Monkybutt-cs presents question #239 from Huynhn: What do you see yourself doing in the future, 10 years from now?

Bazza-cs says, "and get this Celeb packed show on the road"

Jason-cs says, "I've got jet lag" Bazza-cs says, "Oooh thats a hard one"

Jessica-cs says, "Hopefully graduate college and have a steady career and be in love with the man of my dreams."

Michael-cs says, "i don't know maybe directing"

Jonathan-cs says, "Graduated from college and directing movies!

Michael-cs says, "going to nyu filmschool in ny"

Jason-cs says, "Being the most powerful man in hollywood...well, one of them"

Monkybutt-cs says, "great answer jason!"

Bazza-cs smiles at Jason

Danielle-cs says, "I would like to see myself doing things that keeo me happy. Whatever that may be for that time. Maybe movies or something"

Tatyana-cs says, "10 years from now I want to be married working steadily as an actor? singer and..... Maybe working on a Phd in Anthropology."

Monkybutt-cs says, "way to go tatyana! dr tat!"

Bazza-cs thanks all of our great celebs for coming out to Planet Hollywwod tonite

Danielle-cs says, "i wouldnt mind being a pyschologist"

Jason-cs says, "Hey, have the Capn' Crunch Chicken!!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "ready for the next one?"

Danielle-cs says thanks for asking us to be here!

Bazza-cs waves at Tatyana

Danielle-cs says, "isnt that the best!"

Vanessa-cs says, "huynhn i really would like to go to college, have my own production

Danielle-cs says, "that would be cool Vanessa!"

Vanessa-cs says, "thank you danielle i'll send you a bottle"

Jessica-cs says, "Go, Vanessa!"

Michael-cs says, "maybe a designer or something that would be cool"

Jason-cs says, "You go girl!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "We had this same question last session. Its a great one."

>Monkybutt-cs presents question #326 from Claire: hello everyone, whats your most embarrassing moment?

Danielle-cs says, "whatever kind os purple you have would be great!! Thanks Van!"

Tatyana-cs says, "Hey what about me... dr. Fishel isn't the only one who wants to look pretty!"

Jessica-cs says, "I was on a date and spit Diet Coke on the guy I was with."

Bazza-cs says, "heh heh"

Danielle-cs says, "Oh geez! Ive had too many to recount!"

Danielle-cs says, "im such a clutz!"

Jessica-cs says, "It was very bad."

Jason-cs says, "I went to the restroom...bumped the door into someone...a young gal...I said "Ahem...you're in the men's room"...she pointed to the door,,,"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Jessica!!"

Vanessa-cs says, "while i was filming lost world"

Jason-cs says, "that clearly read Ladies..."

Danielle-cs says, "thats ought to be one of the worst ive heard Jessica!"

Jessica-cs says, "Monkybutt!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "must have been dark jason!"

Danielle-cs says, "did he run fast??;-)"

Bazza-cs once kissed a girl and fell over on top of a whole table of drinks ( blush)

Jason-cs says, "On top of that...as I walked away..."Hey...aren't you on Step by Step""

Vanessa-cs says, " we were doing a running scene in a field and i tripped"

Jonathan-cs says, "It is probably yet to come!!!!!!"

Michael-cs says, "maybe doing a kissing scene in front of an entire cast an crw on a set of tv show"

Tatyana-cs says, "When I fell on a broadway stage... It was my opening night in the play FENCES. I wanted to die!" Monkybutt-cs says, "nothing like being recognized at the right time, right jason?"

Danielle-cs says, "that nmakes it the worst Jason"

Bazza-cs waves at Jonathan

Vanessa-cs says, "they couldn't find me cause the grass in the field was taller than me"

Bazza-cs bops his brother Joel on the head

Jonathan-cs waves back at Bazza-cs

Danielle-cs says, "heehee"

Jason-cs says, "No kiddin Monky...I don't embarrass easily...but THAT was embarrassing"

Vanessa-cs blushes in embarassment.

Monkybutt-cs presents question #473 from Sircraig: What was your favorite thing to do in your career so far~SirCraig

Bazza-cs says, "Ooooh toughie !!!"

Vanessa-cs gives a crisp military salute.

Jessica-cs says, "I jumped from one rooftop to the next. I love doing stunts!"

Jason-cs (kickin Jonathan under the table)

Jonathan-cs says, "Working on Wild America."

Bazza-cs . o O ( career ? I havent got a career? )

Monkybutt-cs says, "you did that yourself jessica? sounds dangerous!"

Vanessa-cs says, "there you go sircraig"

Jessica-cs says, "It was pretty crazy@"

Danielle-cs says, "I would have to say the time Jodie and Larisa and I did a commercial together and we just had so much fun!!!!"

Jason-cs says, "Gettin to shoot for two weeks in Walt Disney World..."

Michael-cs says, "visiting new places meeting new people and playing new characters"

Monkybutt-cs says, "cool jason!"

Vanessa-cs says, "working with the dinosaurs i mean robotic dinos"

Tatyana-cs says, "Kiss Jonanthan Brandis in a scene.. It was a hot and heavy one."

Bazza-cs says, "Heh heh!!"

Danielle-cs says, "heehee"

Bazza-cs says, " Where is Jonathan tonite Tatyana?"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Tatyana!!"

Michael-cs says, "ooh yeah tatyana......."

Jason-cs says, "I want to change my answers to Tatyana's"

Tatyana-cs says, "Working"

Vanessa-cs says, "you go tatyana"

Bazza-cs says, "Danielle? Did you bring anyone with you tonite?"

Bazza-cs winks

Danielle-cs says, "Nope.........;-)"

Danielle-cs says, "couldnt come"

Jason-cs Hey JTT

Bazza-cs says, "Ok Monkey"

Vanessa-cs says, "jason do you want to kiss jonathan brandis or tatyana?"

Jonathan-cs says, "Hello Jason-cs"

Jason-cs says, "Why not"

Jason-cs says, "Vanessa...don"

Jessica-cs says, "Yes, definitely. Didn't you see Contact?"

Jason-cs says, "whoops"

Jason-cs says, "no comment"

Monkybutt-cs says, "great movie jessica!"

Jonathan-cs says, "It is a possibility."

Jessica-cs says, "I loved it to death!"

Bazza-cs says, "Beam me up Monkey!"

Michael-cs says, "yeah i do. i'm kind of into that stuff. maybe we'll be able to go to other planets some day"

Vanessa-cs says, "uuuuuummmmm yeah i think there is probaly life out there"

Jessica-cs says, "(laughs)"

Jason-cs Hi Jod...Hi Dan

Monkybutt-cs says, "I hope so Michael!"

Jessica-cs says, "I'll join you, Michael!"

Jason-cs says, "This is sooo much fun!!!!"

Monkybutt-cs says, "From Aliens to Spice Girls......"

Monkybutt-cs presents question #444 from Farnik: hey guys hi! *waves out to everyone* i'm Fara, female and i'm from Malaysia....i would like to ask....whadaya guys think about the SPICE GIRLS???

Michael-cs says, "that would be cool.hey mom i'll be back later i'm going to mars"

Jessica-cs says, "Jason, ditto!"

Danielle-cs says, "I believe that if we are the only ones in this universe then its a huge wast of space. Thats a line from Contact that i really liked"

Bazza-cs waves at Micheal Galeota

Jason-cs says, "I admit...I have the album, and I listen to it often"

Vanessa-cs says, "girl power rules"

Michael-cs says, "they preety kewl"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Jason, you go!"

Jessica-cs says, "ditto, Vanessa!"

Michael-cs says, "i guess"

Tatyana-cs says, "My little sisters love them"

Bazza-cs agrees with Vanessa

Danielle-cs says, "I dont have the album but i have the single of that one song and its not bad!"

Michael-cs says, "i little crazy"

Michael-cs says, "but kewl"

Tatyana-cs says, "I wish I had the guts to get a tongue ring... How does she eat?"

Jason-cs says, "I have Hanson too"

Vanessa-cs says, "i have a single too"

Jason-cs says, "Don't judge me"

Monkybutt-cs says, "with a straw tatyana?"

Jessica-cs says, "I"

Bazza-cs says Howdy to Jessica!!!!!

Jessica-cs says, "I'm a Sublime fan."

Jason-cs says, "Sublime rocks"

Tatyana-cs says, "I guess so."

Danielle-cs says, "ME TOO!" Jessica-cs says, "Howdy, Bazz!"

Jonathan-cs says, "I like dave Matthews band."

Bazza-cs says, "Ok Monkey --lets rock this house"

Jason-cs You go girlfriend "Jess"

Danielle-cs says, "Go BRAD! Too bad he had to O.D"

Bazza-cs says, "another question everyone?"

Vanessa-cs says, " she probaly eats very carefully or maybe she eats baby food" Monkybutt-cs says, "right eee o!"

Monkybutt-cs presents question: Who did you all have the most fun working with?

Jessica-cs says, "I agree with Jonathan on Dave Mathews Band."

Michael-cs says, "sublime. i like puff daddy."

Tatyana-cs says, "Sublime is great... There first album rules!!!"

Jessica-cs says, "I have all three Sublime albums in my car."

Tatyana-cs says, "James Earl Jones"

Vanessa-cs agrees whole-heartedly.

Danielle-cs says, "I did a parade with Michael J. Fox and he was awesome! I like him!"

Vanessa-cs says, "michael"

Danielle-cs says, "i have all three!"

Bazza-cs . o O ( I hope everyone is having as good a time as me! )

Jonathan-cs says, "Martin Landau"

Danielle-cs says, "in my car as well!"

Jessica-cs says, "Richard Kyle -- he played Don Quixote on Broadway."

Jason-cs says, "Billy Crysta"

Jessica-cs says, "Definitely, Bazza."

Jason-cs says, "l"

Danielle-cs says, "i am!"

Tatyana-cs says, "I must agree Jessica."

Michael-cs says, "i had fun working with"

Michael-cs says, "daniel"

Michael-cs says, "stern"

Danielle-cs . o O ( I think, therefore I am? )

Vanessa-cs agrees with Michael-cs whole-heartedly.

Danielle-cs . o O ( I forgot to floss my cat! )

Jessica-cs says, "What are you talking about, Danielle????"

Bazza-cs . o O ( Did someone request a babblefish? )

Monkybutt-cs presents question #683 from Elaine08: If you could survive off of only one food, which would it be and why? :o)

Danielle-cs says, "type in /think"

Bazza-cs says, "Yes let ask the celebs"

Danielle-cs . o O ( How does one reconcile the concepts of an infinite universe and a finite amount of energy in that universe? )

Danielle-cs says, "FROZEN YOGURT!"

Bazza-cs bops danielle ( grin)

Danielle-cs says, "yummy!"

Jason-cs says, "Chips Ahoy Cookies...but I gotta have milk too"

Vanessa-cs says, "hard question elaine08"

Jessica-cs says, "Frozen yogurt with non-fat hot fudge"

Michael-cs says, "ialian. i could eat any kind of italian food every day"

Danielle-cs says, "yummy......."

Jonathan-cs says, "Tofu because you can make it taste like anything."

Jessica-cs says, "Tofu?!?!"

Jonathan-cs . o O ( If you only knew what I was thinking a moment ago... )

Tatyana-cs says, "Roti, it's an East Indian bread my Dad makes./"

Bazza-cs laughs cos Tatyana is groovin on down in her chair

Vanessa-cs says, "I can't think of anything now - something that I wouldn't get sick of"

Michael-cs says, "i've never had tofu how is it jonathan"

Danielle-cs says, "what might that be Jon??;-)"

Monkybutt-cs says, "ready to move on?"

Monkybutt-cs says, "Here's a deep question that requires much thought...."

Vanessa-cs says, "yeah Monkeybutt let's get grooving"

Monkybutt-cs presents question #663 from Spacetech: Boxers or Briefs ?

Danielle-cs says, "BOXERS!!!!!!!"

Danielle-cs says, "heehee"

Jessica-cs says, "Boxers!!!"

Bazza-cs says, "Yeah girls? What do you prefer?"

Michael-cs says, "boxers all the way."

Tatyana-cs says, "Boxers to go to bed, Thank You"

Vanessa-cs agrees with Danielle-cs whole-heartedly.

Danielle-cs says, "i agree tatyana!"

Jonathan-cs says, "boxers of course."

Tatyana-cs says, "Are all the guys being honest... Come on... who here where tighty whities"

Jessica-cs says, "(laugh)"

Bazza-cs says, "Ok guys so now we know"

Danielle-cs says, "heehee,.........yeah come on....:-)"

Michael-cs says, "watch it tatyana"

Bazza-cs says, "Lets have 2 more quick questions"

Vanessa-cs says, "yeah people want to know"

Monkybutt-cs presents question #541 from Starchild: Do you beleive that things will be different in the year 2000?

Jessica-cs says, "(looks pensively) Hopefully all for the better."

Danielle-cs says, "Of course things go thru natural changes",p> Michael-cs says, "maybe we will have hovercrafts. now that would be real cool"

Danielle-cs says, "yeah really"

Vanessa-cs says, "i dont think there will be a drastic change becaUSE ITS ONLY THREE YEARS AWAY"

Jonathan-cs says, "Things will be a bit more crazy."

Michael-cs says, "what am i talking about"

Danielle-cs says, "very true Vanessa"

Bazza-cs says, "tatyana?"

Michael-cs says, "man it came up quick"

Vanessa-cs says, "maybe there will be more plastic outfits and silver stuff"

Tatyana-cs says, "Ahhh everythings gonna be exactly the same"

Monkybutt-cs presents question #646 from Leo50: I commend all of you for helping out the starlight kids!

Danielle-cs says, "plastic outfits???? Hot much......."

Jessica-cs says, "I don't know...Times are a changing"

Bazza-cs says, "Ok everyone we are about to wrap up this session"

Michael-cs says, "do girls always have to talk about clothes"

Tatyana-cs says, "Maybe people will get weirder cause they think everythings different."

Hedgehog-cs says, "Thanks for helping us out!!!!!!"

Vanessa-cs says, "you're making be blush leo50"

Jessica-cs says, "My pleasure, Monkybutt."

Bazza-cs says, "Did you guys have a good time chatting?"

Jessica-cs says, "Great!!!"

Jason-cs says, "What...that's it???"

Jonathan-cs says, "Thanks very much. It is great to be able to help such a great cause."

Danielle-cs says, "thank you. Its a great cause and im honored to be a part of it"

Jason-cs says, "I'm not leavin!!!!"

Tatyana-cs says, "Nooooo Are we done already?"

Bazza-cs says, "Thanks for helping out the Starlight foundation too and for chatting with your fans"


Jason-cs says, "I'm stayin"

Jason-cs says, "You can't make me leave"

Vanessa-cs begs like a dog.

Tatyana-cs says, "PLeeeeeaaaaaase"

Bazza-cs says, "Hee hee we have a mutiny"

Jessica-cs says, "Have fun, Jason."

Monkybutt-cs says, "woof woof"

Bazza-cs says, "Wanna do one more then?"

Vanessa-cs begs Bazza-cs.

Michael-cs says, "yeah. it's been an absolute blast"

Monkybutt-cs presents question #579 from Matika: what was the weirdest or dumbest question you were ever asked?

Tatyana-cs says, "Yeah!!!!!"

Jessica-cs says, "Go for it!"

Bazza-cs says, "Ok one last question - hee hee"

Bazza-cs says, "You guys are the best"

Bazza-cs laughs at the question

Jessica-cs says, "I was asked to pretend I was a deer and dance to techno music (for an audition)/"

Vanessa-cs says, "I HAVE TO TI\HINK"

Monkybutt-cs says, "you're kidding jessica"

Jessica-cs says, "It was for a chocolate candybar commercial."

Michael-cs says, "i was asked to explain my life in 10 seconds"

Michael-cs says, "and also what color toothbrush i have"

Jonathan-cs says, "Define yourself in one word."

Vanessa-cs says, "at the lost world audition jeff goldblum had to chase me around the room"

Monkybutt-cs says, "10 seconds?"

Tatyana-cs says, "Is that a weave?"

Danielle-cs says, "If i had ever met Rider Strong"

Vanessa-cs says, "and i had to pretend he was a dino"

Jason-cs says, "Do I ever actually work with the other actors on my show"

Jessica-cs says, "Jonathan, you define yourself in one word."

Bazza-cs says, "Coming right up folks - Larisa Oleynik, Darris Love, Andrew Keegan, Giuseppe Andrews. Jodie Sweetin and Michael Fishman!"

Michael-cs says, "are you serious danielle"

Jason-cs says, "that's pretty weird...like, no they superimpose me in later"

Bazza-cs says, "Ok thank you sssso much everyone"

Danielle-cs says, "yup!"

Bazza-cs says, " feel free to logon again later ( smile)"

Jessica-cs says, "Bye, guys. Nice chattin' with you!"

Danielle-cs says, "then someone asked me how i could work with such cute guys and not always grab their butts!!;-)"

Michael-cs says, "bye evryone thanks"

Jonathan-cs says, "Bye all thanks for chatting. I had a great time tonight."

Tatyana-cs says, "Bye Everybody!!!!"

Michael-cs says, "i'll be back later"

Jason-cs says, "Bye...later"

Jonathan-cs says, "Bye everyone."

Vanessa-cs says, "bye everyone"

Danielle-cs says, "BYE!!!! Thanks for having me here guys! Its been a blast!"

Vanessa-cs waves at everyone.

Monkybutt-cs says, "thanks for coming by everyone"

Danielle-cs says, "BYE!!!!"

Jason-cs says, "BYEEEE"

Danielle-cs gives everyone a huge hug goodbye!

Vanessa-cs says, "thanks for the hug danielle"


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