Celebrity Sightings Chat

Bazza-cs announces that Jonathan is now entering his chat room

Bazza-cs announces that due to the volume of members chatting to today we are experiencing some lag

Bazza-cs says, "Jonathan is about to return to the stage where we WILL be taking your questions"

Bazza-cs says, "If fact send your questions through right now!"

Bazza-cs says, "there will be a prize for the best question today"

Bazza-cs says, "Welcome Back Jonathan"

Momoney-cs says, "Welcome back!!"

Jonathan-cs says, "thanks bazza"

Bazza-cs says, " wow it looks like you brought the crowds with you today"

Bazza-cs says, "So listen before we start"

Jonathan-cs says, "I guess so"

Bazza-cs says, "Becky was asking something" Do you have a girlfriend? "

Bazza-cs says, "Anything you can tell us about that?"

Jonathan-cs says, "yes her name is Nikki."

Jonathan-cs says, "she is great!"

Bazza-cs says, "Thats great - everyone wishes you and Nikki all the best"

Bazza-cs says, "Ok lets get these questions going on"

Bazza-cs says, "here we go dude!"

Jonathan-cs says, "go bazza"

Bazza-cs says, "Well actually I want to know about what is your next movie role?"

Jonathan-cs says, "It is a disney film entitled "I won't be home for Christmas."

Jonathan-cs says, "i play a private school student trying to make it back home for Christmas"

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #5 from Shawnad:
/ask I can't believe you're reading this! You are my absolutly favorite actor! OK, anyways, this is my question: What was your first acting job ever?

Bazza-cs says, "Ok we are on the way everyone"

Bazza-cs says, "Sorry for the delay"

Bazza-cs says, "The sheer volume of questions was holding us back"

Jonathan-cs says, "I did a Kerns Bread Commercial"

Mags-cs announces that we are BACK! If you have a question for Jonathan, don't forget to post it in the auditorium or skyboxes!!!

Bazza-cs says, "We are going to take questions for jonathan for the next 30 mins"

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #19 from Lev_arris:
Do you like to be famous or would you rather be unknown?

Jonathan-cs says, "both have their advantages and disadvantages."

Jonathan-cs says, "I am happy with my life"

Bazza-cs says, " then Jonathna will be zapping into a couple of chat rooms to say hi to members and later in the show we will be asking a SPECIAL jonathan Trivia question"

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #74 from Macynsie:
Jonathan. What do you beleive is the best way you can help the planet?

Jonathan-cs says, "I think if we all contribute on an individual level the big picture will take care of itself"

Mags-cs says, " A good grassroots philosophy!"

Bazza-cs announces today we are chatting with the one and only Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Jonathan-cs says, "go bazza"

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #58 from Quan: I saw your last epi of HI and you were questioning your religion. What religion do you practice in real life?

Bazza-cs smiles at Jonathan

Bazza-cs says, "hmm alot of members have been asking about that !"

Jonathan-cs says, "I am a Christian!"

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #76 from Kglov:
How did you meet Nikki? You must not have much time to socialize during the season. Jonathan-cs says, "we have been friends for awhile."

Bazza-cs remind members that there WILL be a prize for the best question today.

Jonathan-cs says, "again, thank you all for coming to the chat tonight."

Bazza-cs winks at Jonathan

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #36 from Loky:
What's your favorite vegetarian meal?

Jonathan-cs says, "I like anything with tofu."

Bazza-cs says, "Hey Jonathan - tell us a little bit about the contest you are running on CS and why did you choose the theme of the environment?"

Jonathan-cs says, "I want everyone to write me a letter at CS to tell me what they have done for the"

Jonathan-cs says, "enviornment. One hundred words or less please"

Bazza-cs says, "It sounds like a really worthwhile cause ! Will you be helping to pick the winner?"

Jonathan-cs says, "I will pick a winner and call them on the phone."

Bazza-cs remind all our members that you can find Jonathans new contest in his OFFICIAL website right here at CS.

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #131 from Macynsie:
I have done work for many charities, been a big part in the big help, and always tried to do things right and put others first.....so can you fill me in on all what you have done? Maybe it will give me a couple ideas on how I can help out more.

Bazza-cs says, "coolio"

Momoney-cs says, "The lucky member will get a personal call from Jonathan!!"

Bazza-cs reminds all our guest today that Jonathan and all the stars of Celebrity Sightings will be chatting online every month!

Jonathan-cs says, "sounds like your off to a good start. I have a personal interest in working with children"

Mags-cs announces to Jonathan's many fans that there will be a trivia question at the end of the chat!!!!

Momoney-cs gives Jonathan-cs a big hug.

Bazza-cs says, "Like the Starlight Foundation right?"

Jonathan-cs says, "If you are doing something good for someone other than yourself that's all that anyone can ask."

Bazza-cs says, "Ok lets take some more questions"

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #141 from Cesario:
That show you did when Randy almost got cancer, How do you feel about the kids that have to face that??

Jonathan-cs says, "I sympathize with those children and that's why we did that show."

Jonathan-cs says, "to bring awareness to the cause"

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #237 from Brittbanus:
what did you do on your Birthday? and on Wild America did you realy fly that Plane?

Bazza-cs says, "After Jonathan has answered your questions he will be picking a 'selection' of rooms to meet some members up close and personal!"

Jonathan-cs says, "On my b-day I got my driver's license. No I did not fly the plane"

Bazza-cs says, "At the end of the chat today we will be asking a super special Jonathan Taylor Thomas trivia question"

Momoney-cs says, "Go Mags go!!!!"

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #251 from Kglov:
JTT, you've grown up on HI with your cast siblings, do you guys feel you're brothers, even off the set?

Jonathan-cs says, "go mags go"

Mags-cs says, " :-)"

Jonathan-cs says, "yes we get along great."

Bazza-cs says, "Email the correct answer to our trivia question to contest@celebritysightings.com with TRIVIA in the subject line and 25 winners will recieve a picture of Jonathan courtesy of his only OFFICIAL fanclub"

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #268 from Lilangel:

Bazza-cs says, "LOL"

Bazza-cs says, "Good question Lilangel"

Momoney-cs swirls Jonathan-cs around the room, dancing.

Jonathan-cs says, "right now?"

Bazza-cs swirls Jonathan-cs around the room, dancing.

Mags-cs says, "Yes. This minute. :-)"

Jonathan-cs says, "yes I can as a matter of fact."

Bazza-cs does the jitterbug!

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #68 from Crys:
Do u like Skittles? (they rule!)

Jonathan-cs says, "great question. i like them just fine."

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #168 from Rachelf:
Hi Jonathan! I am also a vegetarian, and some of my classmates and I are trying to protest animal dissection in school. ANy suggestions?

Jonathan-cs says, "if it something that you feel strongly about you should respectfully share your views"

Mags-cs think Jonathan should run for public office!!!

Mags-cs presents the speakers with question #295 from Simba1:
Hi Jonathan!! Welcome Back to CS! my name is Becky and I'm 14 years old, I'm just now getting over the chicken pox and i gotta tell ya that layin in bed and watching Wild America has been like Heaven!! Anyways I wuz wondering Have you ever had the chicken pox? : )

Bazza-cs says trying not to scratch becky!

Jonathan-cs says, "no becky i have never had the pox, but I hope that you feel better."

Jonathan-cs says, "send a picture of yourself to cs, so I can see what chicken pox looks like"

Bazza-cs starts to itch

Bazza-cs says, "JTT Trivia Question!"

Bazza-cs says, "Please include TRIVIA in the subject of your email"

Bazza-cs says, "Here we go"

Bazza-cs says, "Q.1 What is Jonathan's favorite vegetarian food?"

Bazza-cs says, "Ok if you know the answer - email in now"

Bazza-cs says, "25 lucky members will recieve a free JTT picture"

Mags-cs announces that Jonathan will be back any second now, and he's going to visit members in different rooms!

Momoney-cs says, "Look out for Jonathan - he's visiting skyboxes and chatrooms now"

Jonathan-cs says, "hi I am back"

Jonathan-cs says, "sorry about the problems my computer messed up"

Jonathan-cs says, "thanks"

Jonathan-cs says, "I think I will jsut go to a couple of rooms"

Jonathan-cs says, "make sure you come back again - next month we will have it all worked out"

Momoney-cs says, "Great Jonathan!!!!"

Jonathan-cs says, "Mo?"

Momoney-cs says, "Yes Jonathan?"

Jonathan-cs says, "can I jsut go and say hello to some members?"

Momoney-cs says, "Yes please!! They would love to say Hi to you!! Just hop around some of the rooms"

Bazza-cs announces that Jonathan is back in the house, and visiting some lucky members in different lounges and chat rooms!!

Jonathan-cs says, "Ok - cool"

Momoney-cs says, "Great!!! let's go!!!!!"

Bazza-cs says, "Hey guys - Jonathan is now in HIS room! Check it out!"

Jonathan-cs says, "Hey make sure you enter my contest"

Momoney-cs says, "As a premium member you'll also receive a very kewl membership kit"

Jonathan-cs leaves.

Monkybutt-cs leaves.

Bazza-cs announces sadly that Jonathan has to be going soon...

Bazza-cs says, "It was SO great to have him with us today!"

Bazza-cs says, "Jon is making his way around, saying his goodbyes..."

Bazza-cs says, "Don't forget to enter Jonathan's Embrace the Environment Contest... You just might win a PHONE CALL from the man himself!"

Bazza-cs says, "Jonathan has a couple more minutes with us, so hang tight!!! He might just stop by your room!"

Bazza-cs reminds everyone that if you know the answer to out trivia question, "What's Jonathan's favorite vegetarian food," you can e-mail it to contest@celebritysightings.com --- Just don't forget to put the word trvia in the subject line of the message!!!

Jonathan-cs says, "well I have to go now"

Bazza-cs says, "Jonathan, thanks so much for chatting today!"Bazza-cs says, "Will you come back and see us?"

Jonathan-cs says, "Thanks you"Jonathan-cs says, "Of course"Jonathan-cs says, "I hope everyone likes my website"

Bazza-cs says, "Great! I know our members love to have you here too!!!"

Jonathan-cs says, "Have a happy thanksgiving"

Bazza-cs says, "Thanks man, same to you!"

Jonathan-cs says, "thanks"Jonathan-cs says, "come back soon"

Bazza-cs says, "Bye Jonathan!"


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