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Good afternoon and Welcome to a mega-chat with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and LarisaOleynik!

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Mags-cs welcomes old friends and new faces to this PHAT CHAT on CS!!! :-)

Bazza-cs announces Larisa Oleknik is about 10 mins away from CS ( She just called on the phone !!)

Mags-cs reminds everyone that we are still accepting those awesome questions directed to both Jonathan and Larisa!!! :-)

Bazza-cs announces that larisa Oleynik is in the house!!!

Bazza-cs {public msg} Jtt will be here in just one second Check it out Larisa will be zapping into some chat lounges - go say hi to her

Bazza-cs welcomes TotalTv to Celebrity Sightings

Bazza-cs announces that Larisa is in the house!!!

Bazza-cs announces that we are waiting the arrival of JTT- Larisa is in the house.

Bazza-cs says, "JTT is on his way"

Bazza-cs announces that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is in the house!!

Monkybutt-cs {public msg} bazza... it looks like we have quite a few questions lined up for these two!

Bazza-cs says, "Look out for Jonathan and Larisa in the chat rooms"

Bazza-cs says, "Larisa and Jonathan were recently voted top teen tv stars in Totaltv"

Bazza-cs says, "Tell us about it Mr Totaltv"

Bazza-cs leaves

TOTALTV says, "Thanks Bazza. Congrats to Larisa and JTT for winning our Teen Poll."

TOTALTV says, "We'd also like to invite everyone to check them out at www.totaltv.com!"

TOTALTV says, "Yes they were. A few thousand teens can't be wrong."

Bazza-cs announces that Larisa and Jonathan are now in the house

Bazza-cs says, "We will be starting our chat in about 3 mins"

TOTALTV says, "The interviews were with Larisa and JTT. We talked about their likes and dislikes. Ane we have great photos!"

Bazza-cs {public msg} Send your questions through RIGHT NOW!

TOTALTV says, "We also are starting a teen section on our website. Totally Teen TV!"

Bazza-cs says, "woooohoooo !!"

TOTALTV says, "Exclusive photos and interviews with the top stars!"

Bazza-cs says, "everyone visit Totaltv.com for a hot interview with Larisa and Jonathan"

Bazza-cs says, "The chat is about to start - grab a seat guys!!"

Jonathan-cs enters

Jonathan-cs says, "hello all."

Bazza-cs says, "Good afternoon Joanthan!!!! welome back to CS !!!!"

Bazza-cs says, "How are you taoday?"

Bazza-cs says, "Larisa will be joining us in just a sec"

Jonathan-cs says, "fine Bazza."

Momoney-cs says, "Hi Jonathan Happy New Year!!!!!!!"

Larisa-cs enters

Larisa-cs says, "I've got to go to stage one. See you later!"

Bazza-cs says, "There she is wooohoooooo"

Jonathan-cs says, "Thank you Mo. Congrats to you."

Momoney-cs says, "Thanks!!!!"

Bazza-cs says, "Larisa and Jonathan on CS!!!! Its a world exclusive!!!!!"

Momoney-cs says, "Happy New Year Larisa!!!!!!!"

Jonathan-cs says, "go Bazza."

Larisa-cs says, "Happy New Year to you too!"

TOTALTV says, "Hey guys! Congrats on being our poll winners!"

Bazza-cs says, "Happy New Year to you guys how were the holidays????

Larisa-cs says, "Hi Jonathan! How are you doing?"

Jonathan-cs says, "thank you Total. It is an honor."

Jonathan-cs says, "Great. And You?"

TOTALTV Says, "There's a great picture of you guys shooting pool in the Total TV 'Dream Teen' story. Did you guys actually play a game? Which one of you is the biggest hotshot with a real pool cue?"

Larisa-cs says, "Just fine, thanks."

Bazza-cs welcomes Totaltv to Celebrity Sightings and wants to thank you for such a great tv poll!

Larisa-cs says, "I can't play pool to save my life!"

TOTALTV says, "No problem. It was our honor...JTT and Larisa made a great cover!"

Jonathan-cs says, "I think I can take her on a good day."

Bazza-cs says, "Heh Heh!!"

Bazza-cs says, "Alrighty then - I have to tell you that this is without doubt the biggest, wildest day on CS EVER!!!"

Larisa-cs says, "It's definitely wild!"

Bazza-cs says, "We have THOUSANDS of questions - are you guys readY?"

Larisa-cs says, "Yep! Let's go!"

Momoney-cs says, "ready, steady, go!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Bazza-cs says, "Ok Monkeybutt - over to you!"

Bazza-cs swirls Jonathan-cs around the room, dancing.

Monkybutt-cs says, "okay dokey artichokey... lets get on with it!"

Bazza-cs swirls Larisa-cs around the room, dancing.

Bazza-cs says, "Go for it"

Momoney-cs swirls Bazza-cs around the room, dancing.

Jonathan-cs says, "Bazza, no swirling for you today, ok?"

Momoney-cs says, "It's the CS dance party!"

Larisa-cs says, "hee hee"


Larisa-cs says, "Nickelodeon and Herb Scannell originally came up with the idea 3 years ago..."

Larisa-cs says, "I help come up with the bands, like Save Ferris this year! I've co-hosted for the past 3 years."

Jonathan-cs says, "I have a little imput and have been the spokesperson since it began"


Larisa-cs says, "Right now I'm just auditioning and seeing what comes up."

Jonathan-cs says, "I am working on a film this spring called "I won't be home for Christmas.""


Larisa-cs says, "Oh yeah! I go out all the time."

Jonathan-cs says, "I can go out with my friends and usually it is pretty calm."


Jonathan-cs says, "First to go to college, then directing, and producing."

Larisa-cs says, "Well DMINC, I plan on always going after my dreams no matter what they may be at the time!"


Jonathan-cs says, "J. Crew"

Larisa-cs says, "Anything vintage or from Urban Outfitters. "


Jonathan-cs says, "no, in fact i am lucky to get to do and see so many things at this age."

Larisa-cs says, "No... not really. Except I was so burned out from being on BMW, and I had the flu, so I couldn't go to my winter formal this weekend!"


Larisa-cs says, "My favorite thing to do is to hang out with my friends and go to concerts."

TOTALTV says, "just saw Third Eye Blind. Great show."

Jonathan-cs says, "I spend most of the time with my family, friends, and school work."

Bazza-cs says, "Hey guys were going to hold on for just a second - cos some members can't see the answers"

Bazza-cs says, "Bear with us for 1 minute and we will be right back at you!!! Sit tight Jonathan and larisa and we will be back in just a sec"

Momoney-cs says, "Any special plans for '98 Jonathan"

Bazza-cs says, "Jonathan and larisa will be answering your questions and chatiing in the chat rooms in a couple of minutes"

Bazza-cs says, "Keep it here guys!"

Jonathan-cs says, Not yet Mo."

Momoney-cs says, "We'll be back at one in one second!!!!!!!!!"

Larisa-cs says, "Hi everyone!"

Larisa-cs says, "Hi"

TOTALTV says, "I just thought a lot of you would like to know that Total TV is putting in a Totally Teen section soon. And Jonathon and Larisa are right on the front."

TOTALTV says, "We'll focus on all the new stars and shows!"

Bazza-cs says, "Larisa and Jonathan are going to be zapping into the chat rooms to say hello!"

Momoney-cs says, "Hey everyone Jonathan and Larisa are going to hop around their rooms and some skyboxes Jonathan Taylor Thomas is now heading to his chat room"

Bazza-cs says, "Larisa is on her way to her Chat rooms -!!"

TOTALTV says, "Jonathan - I think you are being paged in your room."

Jonathan-cs leaves

Bazza-cs announces that Jonathan and Larisa are currently chatting it up with members in their chat rooms!

Bazza-cs says that in about 5 mins we will be taking some more of your questions

Bazza-cs Will back at the Stage in just one minute so sit tight everyone

Larisa-cs enters

Bazza-cs says, "Ok Larisa is on her way back to the stage to take some of your questions"

Bazza-cs says, "Ok Larisa is on her way back to the stage to take some of your questions"

Bazza-cs says, "Ahh there you are"

Bazza-cs says, "Having fun Larisa?"

TOTALTV says, "Welcome back Larisa!"

Larisa-cs says, "Hello"

Bazza-cs says, "Lets see if we can take another question"

Larisa-cs says, "Thank you."

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #35 from Kitty159753: what is your absolute favorite food?

Larisa-cs says, "I love everything! but I shouldn't eat so much candy."

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #96 from Lofan: Do you watch South Park? Do you like it?

Bazza-cs says, "Ok Jonathan is on his way back too ---yahhooooooooo!"

Larisa-cs says, "I love South Park, but I don't have comedy central, so I can't watch it that much."

Bazza-cs says, "Larisa Ok I have to ask you something SERIOUS"

Larisa-cs says, "Okay..."

Bazza-cs says, "We ahve all heard about the end of Alex Mack ( bazza cries) can you tell us how you feel and when the last 2 episodes are?"

Jonathan-cs enters

Bazza-cs says, "Everyone has been asking me!!!!"

TOTALTV says, "And asking us!"

Larisa-cs says, "Well... making the decision to end the show was one of the hardest that I've ever had to make in my life..."

Larisa-cs says, "I'm convinced it was the right decision, but ending the show was really tough!"

Bazza-cs says, "So are you back at school full time?"

Larisa-cs says, "I guess I just wanted to be back in school for a while and have my options open, have a little more freedom."

Larisa-cs says, "They air tomorrow and Thursday (2 part episode)."

Bazza-cs says, "Ok Jonathan and Larisa are back in the Stage - let take some more questions!"

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #246 from Kattie: Hi I'm from Australia and I just wanted to ask a few questions. Do you guys get to see much of your friends that don't act? Do you ever get to attend regular school for a long length of time or are you always tutored?

Jonathan-cs says, "I see my friends on the weekends and go to regular school on my weeks off."

Larisa-cs says, "I go to a regular school, and it's the same school I've gone to since kindergarten, so all my friends are there."

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #266 from Elaine08: Hi! You both do such profound work on your shows, what do you do to relax before you start filming?

Larisa-cs says, "Just hanging out on the set is relaxing, because everyone on Alex Mack is totally cool."

Jonathan-cs says, "I really enjoy the work, so i don't have to do anything special."

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #305 from Emily1426: hi jon!!!!!!!! hi larisa!!!!!!!!!! welcome to cs!!! well i just wanted to know which team do you want to win the superbowl??? thanks!!! emily1426

Jonathan-cs says, "I am going with the Packers by 20 pts."

Larisa-cs says, "I don't really care. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I don't watch football."

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #294 from Nifty: Welcome back to Celebrity Sightings!! Happy New Year to you both!! What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Larisa-cs says, "... I didn't really make any new years resolutions, to be honest!"

Larisa-cs says, "But i did get a New Years hug from Mark Hoppus from Blink 182!"

Bazza-cs says, "wooohooo!"

Bazza-cs says, "Jonathan? Any resolutions?"

Jonathan-cs says, "My resolution is to come up with a really great one for next year."

Bazza-cs smirks at Jonathan-cs.

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #321 from Elaine08: What is the first thing you notice about a person when you meet them for the first time?

Larisa-cs says, "Whether they have a nice smile and if they smile a lot."

TOTALTV smiles.

Jonathan-cs says, "I usually notice their eyes and how they carry themselves"

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #465 from Manoel: Hi Jonathan and Larisa; I am curious to know with your words What do you both think of each other? Thanks a lot. :)

Bazza-cs says, "Ouch - look out!! heh heh"

Momoney-cs says, "this a good one!!!!"

TOTALTV says, "They look pretty mushy on our cover..."

Momoney-cs says, "hmmmmmm"

Jonathan-cs says, "I think Larisa is very talented and i have always enjoyed being around her"

Larisa-cs says, "Well, honestly... I mean, I'm forced to see him at all these events, and I TRY to act nice, but in truth I can't stand him! I'm totally kidding! Seriously, he's a really really nice guy and fun to hang out with. And seeing him and his girlfriend together kind of got me interested! (Just kidding!)"

Bazza-cs giggles inanely at Jonathan-cs.

Bazza-cs giggles inanely at Larisa-cs.

Momoney-cs says, "haha!!"

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #272 from Elaine08: Can either of you remember your dreams?? Have you ever had any repeating dreams?

Larisa-cs says, "I totally remember my dreams. But I had a really scary one the other day that I don't want to talk about!"

Jonathan-cs says, "no repeating themes here."

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #560 from Amyr: Hi!!!! When you are really stressed out about everything what do you do to get rid of the stress?

Larisa-cs says, "SCREAM!!!"

Jonathan-cs says, "Work out"

TOTALTV says, "You two are on the cover of Totl TV sporting a motorbike. I know you guys weren't actually riding it but, would you ever drive one? And if so, are you old enough to get your liscence yet?"

Jonathan-cs says, "I am ot into motorcycles at this time."

TOTALTV says, "But you do drive a mean machine....correct?"

Jonathan-cs says, "Of course."

Larisa-cs says, "I'm not really that into motorcycles anymore."

TOTALTV says, "And what's that?"

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #274 from Jenna84: How long does it take to to learn your lines in a show or a movie?

Jonathan-cs says, "A landcruiser"

Larisa-cs says, "Usually I just learn them right before we have to shoot the scene."

TOTALTV says, "Very nice."

Jonathan-cs says, "It varies depending on the part and the scene"

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #586 from Vuhnesuh: Hi guys! I was just wondering... Did an onscreen kiss ever go into an offscreen relationship?

Jonathan-cs says, "not for me"

Larisa-cs says, "Nope! That's all I'm going to say about that!"

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #601 from WILLY2: Are either of you guys intersted in ever doing things behind the camera like directing or producing sometime in your lives?

Larisa-cs says, "I definitely have an interest, but I'm just going to see what comes along."

Jonathan-cs says, "I would like to do both of those things and am getting an early start."

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #485 from Elisabeth: hi, jonathan and larisa! how are oyu? thanks so much for coming-my question is for both of you-what is your favorite place, real or imaginary, to visit or that you would like to visit?

TOTALTV says, "good question."

Larisa-cs says, "My favorite place that I've ever been is Switzerlandm, because it's so beautiful!"

Jonathan-cs says, "I love Chicago."

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #251 from Mygirl: To both, Larisa and Johnathan: If you could travel back in time, which era would you go to and why?

Jonathan-cs says, "It is my kind of town"

Larisa-cs says, "Switzerland, that is!"

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #636 from Martine: jtt-cs and larisa-cs hi i was just wondering do u guys have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. i was rally wondering cause i heard that jtt was going out with a girl named nikki and then i heard that he was going out with jessica brownman and i never heard if larisa had a boyfriend

Larisa-cs says, "I would love to live in the 4o's, not because I'm a fan of war, but because I love swing music and the fashion of that time."

Jonathan-cs says, "I do have a girlfrind named Nikki."

Larisa-cs says, "I definitely have someone that I'm interested in, who I think might be interested in me, but nothing is for sure yet. He's in a band!"

Jonathan-cs says, "I would like to have had a chance to live in the renisance."

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #632 from DMINC: Did you ever really enjoy an onscreen kiss or get embarrassed

Jonathan-cs says, "Theay are completely sterile"

Larisa-cs says, "Onscreen kisses are totally embarrassing, and I've never been comfortable enough to enjoy one."

Bazza-cs says, "YUCK!!!!"

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #637 from Lolliepop: Have you ever made any of your own ideas on the films that you are in.... Like come up with some of the things you do and say on your own.?

Jonathan-cs says, "sometimes we ad lib a little."

Larisa-cs says, "Yeah, I have been really lucky because I've always had a lot of input and the writers have always respected my opinions."

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #654 from Zackoid: HI there Jonathan and Larisa. :) Anyways.. yes it's the beginning of the year. humm.. do you know what you guys want to do for summer, spring, and the rest of the year?

Larisa-cs says, "I have no clue - whatever comes my way!"

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #650 from Nick: hi! i was wondering what is your FAV book you have read?

Jonathan-cs says, "Catcher In the Rye."

Larisa-cs says, "It's a tie between "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and this rad new book called "Into the Great Wide Open," by Kevin Canty." Bazza-cs says, "Ok we have time for just two more questions !!! let me see........."

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #630 from Star_angel: Hey!! Do either of you like Tommy Hilfiger, because he is going to auction of his own specially designed vehicle to help find a cure for breast cancer

Jonathan-cs says, "not really Mo."

Larisa-cs says, "I like my Tommy Girl perfume."

Jonathan-cs says, "I like Tommy"

Bazza-cs LOVES Tommy Boardsports Pants!!

Bazza-cs says, "Ok last question"

Bazza-cs presents the speaker with question #684 from BAD_COMMAND: Hi Larisa and Jonathan... I was just wondering, what you think of Celebrity Sightings. Do you ever feel that they are an invasion of privacy?

Larisa-cs says, "No! I love the fact that I can pretty much control what goes on my website. And I get to show off all my cool band pictures!"

Jonathan-cs says, "I am glad that you all know that it is really me and not a fake."

Bazza-cs says, "Well thanks you guys for coming to chat today --it was incredible to have you both here at the same time"

TOTALTV says, "I'd just like to congratulate Jonathan and Larisa for winning our teen poll...and hope to see them in more upcoming issues!"

TOTALTV says, "And for taking the time to chat with us all."

Larisa-cs says, "Thanks TotalTV - It was fun!"

Jonathan-cs says, "thank you totaltv for everything"

Bazza-cs says, "Yes I want to congratulate them to and all the folks over at totaltv.com for an amazing website and a great article"

TOTALTV says, "You can get more JTT and Larisa at www.totaltv.com"

Bazza-cs says, "So Happy New Year to you both ...come back soon and good luck with everything!!!!!!!"

TOTALTV says, "Sure you guys! Thanks alot and good luck to the both of you!"

Jonathan-cs says, "Good bye and thanks to all for coming on line today."

Bazza-cs says, "Thanks Jonathan _ I know you have to go now take care dude!"

Jonathan-cs says, "I will see you all very soon on CS."

Larisa-cs says, "It was great to see everyone. Hope you all had fun! Jonathan - I'll speak with you later!"

Momoney-cs says, "Goodbye Jonathan and Larisa - thanks for coming chat with us today - it was great!!!"

Momoney-cs says, "Bye Jonathan!!!!!!"

TOTALTV says, "Bye Jonathan and Larisa!"

Momoney-cs says, "Bye Larisa!!!!!"

Jonathan-cs says, "bye all."

Larisa-cs says, "Bye Mo!"

Momoney-cs says, "bye everyone thanks for coming to chat today"

Momoney-cs says, "See you soon on CS!!!!!!!!"

TOTALTV says, "Thanks alot guys!"

Momoney-cs says, "Bye TotalTV thanks for being here!!!!!!!!!"

TOTALTV says, "Sure. I'm sure that we will all meet again...."

Momoney-cs says, "I certainly hope so!"

TOTALTV says, "Bye Bazza. Thanks for all of your help!"

Momoney-cs says, "Bye everyone!!!!!"

Bazza-cs says, "Bye Total - see you again soon"

Bazza-cs says, "Thanks everyone for a mega chat today"

Bazza-cs says, "we will be back at Cs same time same place tomorrow!!"


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