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SUE-CS welcomes Jonathan back to CS!!

Jonathan-cs Thanks for having me. Its always a pleasure to be here

Mags-cs So tell us how the shoot went? Are you guys all finished?

Mags-cs explains that Jonathan just finished filming a major new holiday movie!!

Jonathan-cs We finished the shoot today. The film went great. Its very funny and should be out in theaters in Nov

Mags-cs Excellent - and now you're off to Europe I understand?

Jonathan-cs Yeah I am going for a little vacation

Mags-cs Very cool - have a fantastic trip. Let's get going on some of these questions from our members!

Jonathan-cs sounds great

Amyr {question presented} Okay I have a question about your new movie. What is the correct title? Here on CS it says "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" but in the new issue of BOP I just got today it says "Home For The Holidays".

Jonathan-cs Actually Amy the title is " I'll be home for Christmas"

Sarabi {question presented} Are you going to be in another movie soon besides "I won't be home for Christmas"? I heard about one, but I don't remember what it's called. thanks for coming.

Jonathan-cs I havent got any plans at the moment other than enjoying the rest of the summer!!! I am sure I will be doing mopre films in the future

UMKA {question presented} why did you become a vegitarian?

Jonathan-cs It was a health decision.meat never sat with me. I dig animals too much : )

SUE-CS smiles and agrees!

TUFF-T {question presented} Are you and nikki still together and if so how is she?

Jonathan-cs Yes...and she is doing fantastic!!! Thanks for asking

SWINGKID {question presented} just wanted you to know I am so impressed by how grounded you are.....any advice for us on

Jonathan-cs well I just really try to concentrate on the really important things in my life.....like school, family and my friends

SEEYA {question presented} Hi JTT what would to someone like maybe your friend who smoked and you wanted him or her to quit? i have a friend who is smoking and wont listen to me.

Jonathan-cs Well Seeya..... I would just tell em what they are doing is foolish ...and that they are running the risk of killing themselves......

Kiwibird {question presented} What are some recent movies that you've enjoyed?

Jonathan-cs Oh wow...... I really havent seen that many new movies........I just saw Fear and Laothing in Las Vegas. It was very bizarre but entertaining

Annika {question presented} Have you ever checked out personal homepages that your fans make?

Mags-cs says thanks for all these thoughtful questions for Jonathan!

Mags-cs If you're just tuning in, where the heck have you been?? Jonathan's here!!

Jonathan-cs You know what I dont have that much time to surf around. Normally when I am on the net I am either doing research or at Celebrity Sightings. I do really appreciate all the work that goes into them.

Zackoid {question presented} Hi there Jonathan! How's your summer going? Anyways.. I was just watchin an old eppi of HI and watched the eppisode where Brad got caught with the drugs. I know that's a serious topic between kids and thier parents. Well, I was wondering, what other serious topics you would like to see get covered on Home Improvement. ~Jessi

Jonathan-cs You know what....to be honest the show has been on for 8 years and we have covered many of the serious family issues. Our primary objective is always to make people laugh!

Jenna84 {question presented} Jonathan, What is the nicest thing you have done for your mom and what is the nicest thing she has done for you?

Mags-cs likes that question

Jonathan-cs The nicest thing we do for eachother is to love one another unconditionaly

WILESIEG {question presented} What kind of literature do you enjoy reading? Any specific genre?

Jonathan-cs You know what ?

Mags-cs What?

Jonathan-cs I really like reading Shakespeare

Jonathan-cs and other classic authors

Futurestar13 {question presented} What are some of the most beautiful places you have ever been and why? thanks

Jonathan-cs Costa Rica is absolutely amazing ! The vocano's and the beaches are untouched and beautiful....

TOMLAKE {question presented} Jon is it hard being a vegitarian?

Jonathan-cs Not is Los Angeles..there are so many restaurants that offer vegetarian food. When you travel to foreign countries sometimes it can be difficult?

Andyjennings {question presented} Jonathan, when you watch a movie, do you watch it from an actor's point of view (critique it professionally) or do you just (try) to enjoy it?

SUE-CS compliments you on your great questions for Jonathan! Keep em coming! :)

Jonathan-cs um...it depends on what type of film it is......some films are meant soley for entertainment, and other are more serious and have a message.

MANDY15 {question presented} Would you ever want to play the villain of a movie?

Jonathan-cs Definately...... but only if he were a CLASSY Villain!!! *grin*

Mags-cs smiles

HUGHOG {question presented} Jonathan how did you like being on the "Rosie O'Donnel show"?

Jonathan-cs She is a wonderful lady.....I have been on the show 3 times.......and she is always a lot of fun!

Svreken {question presented} Hi Jonathan, when will your new movie I'll be home for christmas hit the cinemas across Europe? Did you have a good time working on the movie? Will you ever come to Amsterdam(the netherlands)

Jonathan-cs because it is a holiday movie...it should be released about the same time but Im not exactly sure...I have heard that Amsterdam is great I would love to see it one day

SASSY101 {question presented} if you had the choice of just being regular old Johnathan or Famous Johnathan what would you rather be?

Mags-cs thinks Sassy phrased that in a very cute way

Jonathan-cs I think I am a regular Jonathan..it just happens that I am well known as well.

Jonathan-cs The best times are when I can just be myself with my friends

KOALA {question presented} What concert would you just love to go to?

Jonathan-cs I would love to go to the Lilith fair because they have some amazing female talent ; )

JDISHER {question presented} Who do you look to for guidance?

Jonathan-cs {public msg} Comic Books!!!!!! ....heh heh just joking........

Mags-cs {action} laughs

Mags-cs The wisdom of the Tick...

Jonathan-cs My mother and my brother offer me the best advice

LIL_FOXY {question presented} What would you do for one day if you could go out and not be noticed or bothered?

Jonathan-cs . o O ( TICK? )

Jonathan-cs I would watch people.....you never get to do that anymore ...because they are often back at me......

Bmwfan {question presented} if you could go back and change any event in history, what would it be?

Jonathan-cs There are so many things...the holocaust was such a tragedy.....I would want to stop every war

Mags-cs agrees 100%

TTFN663 {question presented} Jonathan, would you ever come to Hawaii for vacation?

Jonathan-cs Yes I love Hawaii...its beautiful and one of my favorite places.

Elisabeth {question presented} hey, jonathan-who is your favorite disney character? i think sebastian from the little mermaid is my fave-thanks for coming! ~Elisabeth

Jonathan-cs I have personally very fond of young Simba (smile). Thanks for chatting Elizabeth

CHRISMCGR {question presented} jonathan how do you think you did on your SATs.

Mags-cs guesses 1600? (perfect score) ;-)

Jonathan-cs I havent taken my SAts yet but I am preparing for them as we speak

CORINA_DANCE {question presented} What kinds of music do you like?

Jonathan-cs I like a bit of everything, I love Bob Marley to Garth Brooks. I havent had much time to get any new CD;s recently

JSILVER98 {question presented} Do you like having you mom travel all over with you on location?

Jonathan-cs Yes of course I do. I love having my mother with me but sometimes my brothers and my friends come with me

Bandit {question presented} Hi Jonathan. Welcome to CS. Which city rules more. Los Angeles or New York?

Mags-cs thinks it's possible to love 'em both

Jonathan-cs its hard to say...I lobe BOTH cities.....I would like to have a place in each one. New York has the culture and LA has the beach!

Eltonj {question presented} have you read any new books lately

Jonathan-cs Yeah I have read a few... I read Candide.....The Prince......and Brave New World as well as some Oscar Wilde plays

UMKA {question presented} do you have a best friend?what do you value in him/her

Jonathan-cs I have several really good friends...... the most important qualities are honesty and a respect for privacy...

Starpower {question presented} Hi Jonathan I wanted to know if taking acting classes are a good idea?

Jonathan-cs Taking acting classes is always a good idea....even the best actors study their craft

SUE-CS {action} announces that we only have time for a couple more qyuestions--but then we'll be doing some TRIVIA!!!

SPORTY1000 {question presented} How often do u see your girlfriend with your busy schedule?

Jonathan-cs Its not always easy but I make a concious effort to set aside time...

Jonathan-cs It varies depending on when I am in town or out of the country

Mags-cs Last question!!!

BIANCA2121 {question presented} hi jonathan my name is Bianca and I'm a big fan. I was wondering what is most exciting thing you've ever done?

Jonathan-cs wow......thats hard.......

Jonathan-cs jumping offwaterfalls with my brother in Venezuela was pretty exciting : )

Mags-cs Excellent!

SUE-CS announces trivia will be held in the trivia lounge!!

Mags-cs Jonathan, thank you SO much for chatting with us today!

SUE-CS Thank you Jonathan! We had a great time! :)

Jonathan-cs thank you...very much for all your great questions

Mags-cs We hope you'll come back soon - do you have time to join us for some trivia??

Jonathan-cs absolutely that would be fun

Mags-cs Great!

Mags-cs announces that trivia will be held in the Monday Night Trivia lounge!!

Jonathan-cs Thanks again everyone

Mags-cs Thank you - take care Jonathan! :)


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