Home Improvement - Get MORE POWER on DVD this November!
Posted by David Lambert

Nobody seems to know Disney/Buena Vista better than our friends at UltimateDisney.com: they usually get the heads-up on in0the-works DisneyDVD releases faster than anyone else on a regular basis. While they tend to concentrate on Disney's general releases, every once in a while they have great info for us about Buena Vista's TV-on-DVD releases.

This morning they have broken the news with their exclusive story about four major TV-on-DVD box sets coming out late this November. The top half of that story is devoted to Tim Taylor and his family and friends, and their long-awaited digital disc debut:

Holy moly, this is sure to please a LOT of our readers, not to mention my wife. Buena Vista hasn't released this information through official sources yet, but stay tuned, because we're working to bring you the studio announcement on this and the other titles mentioned in UltimateDisney's terrific story. Our thanks to them, and to reader Paul Hillsdon for letting us know about it.

Source: TVShowsOnDVD


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