"Dude, Where's My Ranch?"

Original Airdate: 04/27/03 

Homer decides to write an original Christmas carol, and pens a tune called “Flanders is a Jerk.” The song rockets up the charts, and the Simpsons are overwhelmed by the sudden success. They decide to get away from it all and take a restful vacation at a dude ranch.

At the ranch, Homer and Bart befriend a tribe of native Americans. They want a dam removed, to restore running water for their village. Battling a swarm of beavers, Homer and Bart manage to destroy the dam and become honorary members of the tribe.

Meanwhile, Lisa falls for a cowhand named Lukas, who happens to be – much to Marge’s dismay – a few years older. Lisa’s jealousy gets the best of her when she finds that he has girlfriend, and she gets the other girl lost in the woods by giving her bad directions. Eventually, Lisa apologizes for her meddling and she and Lukas part as friends.

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