Ratings: Dude, Where's My Ranch? // Barting Over Rerun

April 28th 2003 

Sunday's double shot of The Simpsons with Dude, Where's My Ranch? at 8pm and a rerun of Barting Over at 8:30pm has recorded some interesting figures in the Zap2it overnight ratings report. "At 8pm, the second part of the "Touched by an Angel" finale won with an 8.8/15. FOX was second with a new episode of "The Simpsons" (6.7/11) and a repeat of the yellow family (7.1/11), coming in just ahead of the finale part of ABC's "Eloise at the Plaza." On NBC, "American Dreams" was fourth with a 5.0/8." It seems that the 8:30 rerun rated better than the new episode. It will be interesting to see if similar events happen in the coming weeks.

Update: CalendarLive confirms the rerun (12.4 million) outrated the new episode (11.71), coming in at 27th and 34th place respectively for the week.

Source: www.simpsonschannel.com


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