The Simpsons, Dude Where's My Ranch?

Extra Notes 


Marge: Our children are growing up so fast. Lisa has a crush and look at Maggie. 
(Maggie is listening to Oops I Did It Again while dancing like Britney Spears)
Homer: See ya suckers! 
(The rope around Homer's neck breaks and the beavers start attacking Homer) 
Homer:AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! STOP HOGGING! The little one isn't getting any. 

(The small beaver attacks Homer) 

Rich Texan: Blanks. They just don't feel the same.

Goofs and Nitpicks

It would have to be at least -20 for the water from the hose to freeze so fast. 
Lisa said this was her first crush, but she's had quite a few others: the guy who worked at the library, in "Bart's Girlfriend" Nelson (quite obviously) the guy at the other school that looked a lot like Springfield Elementary, in "Trilogy of Error" the environmentalist, in "Lisa the Tree-Hugger" That's all I care to list at the moment. Feel free to add. 
Adding to the previous goof, Lisa also fell in love with the substitute teacher in Lisa's Substitute.