Smallville Dichotic Review

Hit 1: Time has done Jonathan Taylor Thomas well. Heís grown into such a good-looking young man, not just cute anymore, and his acting is still so good! He could give Rosenbaum a run for his money. The Ian story he was involved in had a lot of energy.

Miss 1: While Ian Randall was certainly well played, I hope the producers realize they donít always have to bring in a guest star to stir up trouble. Their resident cast of characters are complex and vibrant on their own, and very capable of sharpening each othersí edges. The Producers and Writers should consider less guest stars and focus more on the fabulous characters they already have. Just my humble opinion.

Hit 2: Lex and rage. Is this progressive anger? If it is, Iím intrigued to see the lengths to which Lexís rage can take him in the future. The entry into the anger management class was a hoot! Loved the look on his face when he walked in.

Miss 2: Dr. Helen Bryce and Lex. Iím very ambivalent about this embarkation. Unlike some of my fellow Lex fans, Iím not ready to declare her the one for Lex any time soon. Admittedly, she is pretty and intelligent, but Iím waiting for the punch-line concerning her purpose. I guess I will see her role in his story more cohesively. Iíve become willing follow the growth of this relationship only to harvest a deeper understanding of Lexís multi-facetedness. However, if the ďgoodĒ doctor is an excuse for Lex to have a roll in the hay, then Iím really not interested.

Another Miss: Can the writers tell me where Lexís storyline has disappeared to? When Lionel was in Metropolis we saw more substantial exploration into Lexís psyche concerning his distance with his father. Now that Lionel is living in Smallville, the writers seem at a lost for material. Maybe Iím expecting too much too soon.

Hit 3: Clark and Pete make a good team. Iím so glad Clark has Pete to bounce ideas off of. The way they were able to seize this situation with Ian was well-done. No misses there.

Hit 4: Kristin and Allison make good acting partners and while Iím still having trouble with the way the writers consistently make Lana and Chloe dependent on Clark, I appreciated their unity against Ian and Lanaís tenacious fight for freedom. The last scene with Clark was necessary but itís clear that the feelings of these three are still in limbo.

Apart from the Hits and Misses, I had a ďHmmĒ moment when Clark confronted Ian and told him that ďLana gave you the fast track to Lex.Ē As a Lex & Lana fan Iím going to chew on that one for awhile until all the juices of meaning are devoured. So is it safe to assume that if people need an ďinĒ with Lex, they will go to Lana? People only do that when they know the two people in question are really close and it may also infer that Lex respects Lanaís opinion ::a little mischievous smile is creeping up on my face here::

Performer of the Episode: Jonathan Taylor Thomas did a great job playing double roles and Michael Rosenbaum really got me into angry Lex. They share the title this week. 

Credit: - Devoted To Smallville