Smallville Dichotic Review

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Ian Randall) Robert Wisden (Gabe Sullivan) Emmanuelle Vaugier (Dr. Helen Bryce) 

Wonder student Ian does the work of two students and we soon find out that he has the ability to clone a copy of himself. First he kills a shop teacher who gives him a bad grade and then starts dating both Chloe and Lana to advance his prospects and when Clark suspects, Ian tries to kill him and Pete while having a perfect alibi. Clark soon figures things out but Lana and Chloe initially dismiss his suspicions as jealousy. When they figure it out Ian(s) capture them both and takes them to a dam to fake a double-suicide. Clark rescues them and one of the Ians dies. Clark, Lana, and Chloe come to some kind of arrangement. 

Meanwhile, Jonathan breaks a leg when Martha is at a meeting so she feels guilty but they resolve matters. And Lex displays a hot temper and starts taking anger management classes with an attractive local doctor who met Lex during his rebel stage and they both have issues with their fathers.

b: 19-Nov-2002 pc: 175058 w: Mark Verheiden d: Craig Zisk 

NOTE: Principal Reynolds is mentioned in this episode although not seen, so apparently he recovered from the events of "Redux." Possibly we'll be seeing him again down the road. 
First time we see that Clark has his own cell phone. 
Lana has the poem Byron Moore gave her in "Nocturne" hanging in her locker. 
John Glover doesn't appear in this episode. 
Naturally, the S that Clark makes in shop class (and even holds up in front of his chest at one point) looks just like the "S" logo he'll wear on his Superman costume. 
According to Issue #1 of the new Smallville comic series by DC Comics, the producers of Smallville are planning on bringing back the "second half" of Ian in a future episode. Also, as many Smallville fans have heard, they are also planning on bringing a young Bruce Wayne on the show.

Source: TV Tome Episode Guide