Smallville Asylum Tidbits

Date written: 16/11/2003
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3.09 "Asylum"

Adam: Young, attractive man Lana meets in her phsycal therapy.

Conelly: Man who seems to be treating Lex at the Belle Reve Sanitarium.

- Teaser. We see a young man described as the "macabre mix of humanity" watching intently to the TV while others spin in circles around the room. The typical description of a sanitarium. The Belle Reve Sanitarium to be exact. 

- Make the connection already? Yes. Lex is a patient of the Belle Reve Sanitarium. We see him asleep on his cot when the door opens and a "mean-faced orderly" appears with two paper cups. Lex ignores him "Get up, Curly. Time for you nine o'clock meds", the man says. The orderly reaches down to wake Lex, but Lex's hand whips up and strikes jabbing into the guy's gut leaving him of unconscious. No wonder why Lex is here. He's got really violent. 

- Another orderly comes to stop Lex and asks how did he manage to get out of his restraints. A guy by the name of Connelly says he doesn't know, but that he'll not take any chances. The orderly pins Lex's arms, as Conelly pulls out a syringe. Ouch.

- Smallville Medical Center. It seems Lana suffers some kind of accident, since she ends up in physical therapy. We see her struggling to walk on the bars. A female therapist helps her through. While Lana struggles, we see a handsome teen across the room named Adam doing leg extensions on a weight machine. He glances at Lana. "That's enough for today" the therapist tells Adam. "I know my limits" the boy replies. "If I listened to you people, I'd still be in bed" he stubbornly says. 

- Metropolis General Hospital. We see a pale, hollow-cheeked man lie in a hospital bed. A nurse adjusts his IV leading into the man's limp arm. Dr. Foster (last seen in "Perry") hurries through the door "What's the emergency?" she asks. The nurse tells her everything is fine. She asks who paged her then. "I did" Clark says. Clark looks at the man lying on the bed. "Is this what you're planning on doing to Lex, frying his brain?" He asks. Another evil doctor in Lex's life? Pretty likely.

- We go back to the physical therapy room. Lana tries to grab the crutches, but lands on her face. She meets with Adam again. "Can you believe I used to be a nice guy with no issues?" Adam says. "Nice guys usually have the most issues" Lana replies. It seems they both got into an argument before, since Adam apologizes to Lana. They talk. She asks him why is he there. Adam tells her that while trying to get into a burning building to safe his parents, a beam collapsed on him. Lana looks up into his sad yes, moved, feeling a connection. A new love interest for Lana or another freak of the week? We'll have to wait and see. ;)

"There's a story coming up where we revisit three former villains in the asylum just outside town. Usually at the end of an episode they're placed on a gurney, put into a waiting ambulance and taken away. Now we get to see where they end up. Ian Randall (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) from Dichotic teams up with two other familiar faces in a plot to get Clark. It's going to be a fun episode." Said executive producer Miles Millar in theDreamwatch magazine, issue 111. It's speculated, he's likely referring to this episode.