"Asylum" Guests: All Figured Out?

Date written: 21/11/2003
Krypton Site

Three former "Freaks of the Week" will be in an asylum and team up to go after Clark in an upcoming episode. We have figured that the episode in question is "Asylum." One returning FOTW for the episode has already been revealed -- Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Ian Randall from "Dichotic." A second, Shawn Ashmore as Eric Summers from "Leech," has now surfaced as being confirmed in the Vancouver Sun.

But who else is coming back?

Wasn't Van from "Extinction" recently sent to an asylum? He may not be a FOTW, more a FOTW-hunter, but he could quite easily be there... "R.C." tells us that Jesse Metcalfe did indeed recently return to the set of Smallville for a return appearance, which would definitely feed the "Van from Extinction is back" theory.

Metcalfe isn't the only person that R.C. said would be appearing in the episode. He says that Elias Toufexis (from the upcoming movie "Decoys") appears as a new "meteor freak" by the name of Luke. You can find a picture of him to your right. Toufexis's online biography reveals that he once wrote an off-Broadway play called "Killing Jar Jar," so if he is indeed the Smallville guest, he at least has some decent taste.

UPDATE: Madsci e-mails us to tell us that the official Passions website states that Jesse Metcalfe "currently wrapped production on his second segment of the WB's hit show Smallville." Sounds like confirmation to us...

One other thing to keep in mind, however: Miles Millar said "three former FOTWs" were coming back. As Van wasn't necessarily a meteor freak, could this mean that there could be more surprises to come from "Asylum?" Guess we'll know in January... as it stands "Asylum" is already a big episode, as it introduces Ian Somerhalder as Bruce Wayne Adam...

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