Walking Across Egypt Review

"For a tough kid who's lived a life of crime, the struggle back is as hard as.....
Walking Across Egypt"

Jonathan is Wesley, a juvenile delinquent who's been in and out of triuble his whole life. He's currently back in trouble, and in detention, for grand theft auto.
He's got to get out, any way he can.
Mattie Rigsbee is at the other end of life. She's a lonely widow burying herselft in her local church and spoiles grown children.
When their paths first cross, Mattie sees some good in the boy and decides it's time to practive what she preaches. She opens her home and her heart to a kid in need.
He sees an easy mark, she sees a boy who deserves a second chance. With the law and the harsh reality of life closing back in on Wesley, will his tough choices lead to a deas end or to a new life?

The Cast and Crew: 

Arthur Allan Seidelman: Director 
Clyde Edgerton: Writer (novel) 
Paul Tamasy: Writer (screenplay)

Ellen Bystyn as Mattie Rigsbee 
Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Wesley Benfield 
Mark Hamill as Lamar 
Harve Presnell as Finner 
Patrick David as Johnny 
James Coleman as Blake 
Judge Reinhold as Robert Rigsbee

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