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Added February 20, 2007

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Home Improvement Season 6 coming soon
Credit: TV Shows On DVD

Home Improvement Season 6 has been added to Amazon for Pre-Order, so you can now Pre-Order the newest season by clicking here. The 3 Disc-set will be released on the 15th May and will include 25 episodes from Season 6. It is also schedualed to feature a blooper reel and labelled as being just $17.49! We will keep you posted with more news on this as we get it but you can Pre-Order and be one of the first with Home Improvement Season 6 DVD by clicking below:


Added December 18, 2006

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Home Improvement Season 5 released

Added December 18, 2006

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Jonathan Taylor Thomas in The Second Chance Movie ???

It has been reported on various websites that Jonathan Taylor Thomas appeared in the movie The Second Chance, however, IMDB and other leading websites have the actor as "Jonathan Thomas". This is where confusion sits in! There are 2 Jonathan Thomas's, 1 named "Jonathan Thomas" and the other, the one we all know - "Jonathan Taylor Thomas". We are pretty sure the websites that have reported Jonathan Taylor Thomas as being in this movie are mistaken, however if you have seen this film and have infact spotted Jonathan Taylor Thomas then please let us know ASAP! Thanks.

Added August 30, 2006
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Home Improvement Season 5 Coming Soon
Credit: TV Shows On DVD

Season 5 of Home Improvement is now confirmed to be released on 14th November 2006!! The 3-disc set will include all 26 episodes from the fifth season, along with a season 5 blooper reel. The set sells for $39.99 US, or $59.99 CAN, but consumers can save $10 if they buy season 5 along with another season of the show. Here's the list of season 5 episodes:

A Taylor Runs Through It, The First Temptation of Tim, Her Cheatin' Mind, Jill's Surprise Party, Advise and Repent, Let Them Eat Cake, The Look, Room Without a View, Chicago Hope, Doctor in the House, That's My Momma, 'Twas the Flight Before Christmas, Oh, Brother, High School Confidential, Tanks for the Memories, The Vasectomy One, Fear of Flying, When Harry Kept Delores, Eye on Tim, The Bud Bowl, Engine and a Haircut-Two Fights, The Longest Day, Mr. Wilson's Opus, Shopping Around, Alarmed by Burglars - Games - Flames & Automobiles.

You can view the DVD Cover Art by clicking here.


Added May 11, 2006
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Guest Staring in "Boston Legal" - Spring Fever

Yes it's true, yet another Guest Staring role for Jonathan Taylor Thomas, this time he will be taking up the role of Nathan in the new TV Program "Boston Legal", it looks as if it will be only for the one episode called "Spring Fever". Spring Fever (Season 2, Episode 26) will be airing in the USA on ABC Prime Time at 9/8c on Tuesday 16th May. You can read more information at IMDB by clicking here or by going to the official ABC website by clicking below.


Added March 15, 2006
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Season 4 Home Improvement Box Set DVD News & Information

Home Improvement Season 4 box set has now been reported to be released on June 16th in the United States. The season 4 box set is suppose to include 25 episodes, including the double-length story "Tool Time After Dark". Guest stars include James Cromwell, Polly Holliday, M. Emmet Walsh, Jay Leno, Lucy Liu, Dave Chappelle, and Max Gail. Stay tuned for more information.


Added December 26, 2005
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Home Improvement: The E! True Hollywood Story

E! Entertainment's True Hollywood Story on Home Improvement. The special looks back at the sitcom and all the cast members. It will air on the E! channel in the USA on:

Thursday 29th December 2005 - 8:00pm - 10pm PST
Saturday 31th December 2005 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm PST

There are no known air times for International E! viewers, if you know when this show will be aired in the United Kingdom or otehr European Countries please contact us. Thank you.


Added December 17, 2005
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Get Veronica Mars Weapons of Class Destruction on DVD

You can now buy Veronica Mars Weapons of Class Destruction, the episode that Jonathan Taylor Thomas guest starred in earlier this year. You can buy it now on DVD from Amazon for $44.99 which is about 25.30! This is a perfect addition for your Jonathan Taylor Thomas DVD collection.


Added November 27, 2005
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Home Improvement Season 3 DVD Price, UK Release Date etc.

Home Improvement Season 3 on DVD has been officially released, it was released on the 22nd November 2005, sorry for the late update. The price of the DVD is $39.99 and is a 3 disk DVD set. Home Improvement Season 3 will be released in the United Kingdom on January 9th and cost just £22.49 but this doesn't stop you purchasing it sooner from right now!


Added September 19, 2005
Jonathan Taylor Thomas No Invasion?

It is looking as if Jonathan Taylor Thomas will not be involved in the movie Invasion like we previously reported on. Our only source for this movie was, we took a gamble by adding this news to this website when there was no other sources. Unfortunatley we were wrong and it seems as if made a big mistake and all got our hopes up. Therefore we are sorry to regret to inform you all that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is not confirmed for this movie and it is very doubtful that he will have any involvement in it. HOWEVER we will keep you up to date, therefore IF the status on Jonathan Taylor Thomas & the movie Invasion does change then you will be the first to hear about it! Please keep checking back for all of the latest news and information on Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
Added September 08, 2005
Happy Birthday Jonathan Taylor Thomas

On behalf of everyone that works and visits this webiste, let me wish you a very happy birthday. To celebrate Jonathans birthday, here are a few images to show his progression from a young actor to an adult actor.
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Online Jonathan Taylor Thomas Online Jonathan Taylor Thomas Online Jonathan Taylor Thomas Online Jonathan Taylor Thomas Online

Remember you can post your messages of "happy birthday" to Jonathan Taylor Thomas on our Guestbook by clicking here. We cannot guarentee that he will see them and/or reply. You can also download Jonathan Taylor Thomas wallpaper by clicking here.
Added August 26, 2005
Jonathan Taylor Thomas New movie for Jonathan Taylor Thomas: Invasion & Home Improvement DVD!

Well it's true, it looks as if Jonathan Taylor Thomas will in fact be taking part (a large part) in a new movie called Invasion. This movie will feature stars such as Daniel Craig and Nichole Kidman so surely will be a box office hit! This movie is currently in pre-production.

Genre: Thriller / Horror / Sci-Fi

Plot Outline: As a Washington psychiatrist (Kidman) unearths the origin of an alien epidemic, she also discovers her son might be the only way it can be stopped. For more information please visit IMDB by clicking here.

Home Improvement Season 3 DVD will be out on the 22nd November 2005, you can now preorder this DVD from There are 25 episodes on this DVD which includes 3 disks.
Added June 04, 2005
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Jonathan Taylor Thomas features in short Movie Tilt-A-Whirl

Jonathan Taylor Thomas only plays a small part as "Customer #3" in the short movie Tilt-A-Whirl, you can read more information by clicking here.

Tagline: A Hollywood producer has a nervous breakdown in front of a coffeeshop girl, leading him to question the meaning of his existence.
Added May 26, 2005
Jonathan Taylor ThomasHome Improvement Season 3 DVD and website news

It is now official that there WILL be a Home Improvement Season 3 DVD coming out sometime this year, although an exact date has not yet been released we belive it is likely to be released ready for Christmas. If you wish to see what the front cover of the DVD will look like then please click here.

Also I would like to take this time thank everyone for keep visiting this website, we are not "dead" and we will be doing updates as much as we can. Unfortunatley the last coupld of months have been very busy due to Univserity exams etc. However, when we do get some news we will try our best to let you know as soon as possible!
Added April 12, 2005
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Veronica Mars Preview Images Added

Remember that Veronica Mars Weapons Of Class Destruction airs tonight at 9:00 PM EST on the USA network UPN.

Hopefully we will have the whole episodes screen caps done for you by Friday but no promises!  For now we have uploaded some preview images, which are worth checking out as Jonathan Taylor Thomas has changes again.  Click Here.
Added March 28, 2005
Jonathan Taylor ThomasVeronica Mars episode name change & JTT Online Chat Room

There has been a name change for the Veronica Mars episode that Jonathan Taylor Thomas will be performing in.  The new episode name is "Weapons Of Class Destruction."  The show time and information is shown below.

Air Date: 4/12/05 (TUESDAY)
Time Slot: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST on UPN
Episode Title: "Weapons of Class Destruction"

Jonathan Taylor Thomas ("Home Improvement") Guest Stars as Ben, Joey Lauren Adams ("Chasing Amy") Guest Stars as Substitute Teacher Ms. Stafford, And Tina Majorino ("Napoleon Dynamite") Guest Stars as Mac.

The chat room has now been removed due to constant swearing, arguing and idiots pretending to be Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  Please realize that NOBODY on this website knows Jonathan Taylor Thomas and it's unlikely he visits this website.
Added February 23, 2005
Jonathan Taylor ThomasPrice, Date and Disk Art for Home Improvement Series 2 DVD
Credit: TV Shows On DVD

You heard right, and remember this is the first Jonathan Taylor Thomas website to update you with this news!

Buena Vista finally released firm information about the Home Improvement Series 2 DVD box set and we're powered up to bring it to you!

June 7th is the day it will be released, it will be a 3-DVD set running 550 minutes.  The cost of this will be $49.99 but you can pre-order from Amazon for a nicer price of $34.99. Stay tuned for full details when Buena Vista sends around the formal press release.  Click here to pre-order this DVD from Amazon!

We also have the new DVD box set art and DVD disk art right here!  Simply click here to view what they will look like.
Added February 13, 2005
Jonathan Taylor Thomas HOT NEWS! Jonathan Taylor Thomas to Guest Star in Veronica Mars, Episode: "Neptune Undercover"
Credit: Neptune Site

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is said to be playing a character in a TV series Veronica Mars, if you want to read more about Veronica Mars please click here. Jonathan will be playing a character where there are incriminating photos of him loading fertilizer into a car (for a bomb perhaps?).  But, it could be that Thomas' character is actually working "undercover," hence the title.  The Tentative Air Date is: April 12, 2005, on American TV, UPN.  There will be more news here as soon as we get it!
Added February 11, 2005
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Home Improvement Series 2 to be released! Credit: TV Shows On DVD

Yes it's true, Home Improvement Series 1 was a big hit so they have decided to release another series, Series 2.  Although no more information is yet available other than it should be released in Mid-2005 it is a great step in the right direction and awesome news for all Home Improvement fans.  You can also see what the box should look like by clicking here.
Added February 10, 2005
Jonathan Taylor ThomasWild America showing times, Thru the Moebius Strip & Updates
Credit: IMDB

Wild America Starting: 10:20 on Sunday 20th February. Duration: 2 hours
Showing on Sky Movies 3.

Wild America
Starting: 19:00 on Sunday 20th February. Duration: 2 hours
Showing on Sky Movies 3.

The above are the times in which Wild America will be shown on TV in the United Kingdom this month.  If you are in the United States and want to find out when to see Jonathan Taylor Thomas on TV in your area then simply click here to find out! I am sorry to announce that the Through the Moebius Strip trailer was taken off of the IMDB by request of the creators.  But don't fear as you can still view it in a better quality by clicking here!  Hope you enjoy it.

Lastly I just wanted to say that the website has been fully updated with a new colour scheme, a new message board and a new chat room for your interactive pleasure.  Please email me if you find anything wrong.
Added January 09, 2005
Jonathan Taylor ThomasThrough the Moebius Strip Trailer online
Credit: IMDB

Firstly let me wish you a belated Happy New Year, I hope you all had a wonderful time over the Christmas break and got what you wanted. :)

This is just a quick update letting you know that there is a Through the Moebius Strip trailer out that can be viewed by clicking here.

Also, I have had to disable the video downloads from the downloads section for a while sorry about this but they'll be back up in a couple of weeks.  I'm also planning to find a new Chat Room script to replace the current one as some people are having problems joining it.  Please help support this website by clicking the banner ads when you have spare time, 1 click helps us a lot.  Thank you.

Added December 07, 2004

Jonathan Taylor ThomasI'll Be Home For Christmas United Kingdom TV Schedule !
Credit: UK Disney Channel

Yes I'll Be Home For Christmas WILL be on TV this year!  Below is the TV information for the movie. :)

Starting: 18:25 on Sunday 12th December. Showing on Channel Five.

Starting: 13:00 on Saturday 18th December. Showing on Disney.

Starting: 14:00 on Saturday 18th December. Showing on Disney Plus 1.

Starting: 20:05 on Saturday 18th December. Showing on Disney.

Starting: 21:05 on Saturday 18th December. Showing on Disney Plus 1.

Added November 27, 2004

Jonathan Taylor ThomasChristmas day on UK Disney Channel!
Credit: UK Disney Channel

On the 5th December 2004 there will be a Christmas Day on the UK Disney Channel, although it is not certain that I'll Be Home For Christmas will be broadcasted, it is very likely.  Santa Claus 2 is confirmed which stars Tim Allen, so be sure to tune in to see if I'll Be Home For Christmas is on.

On that note I urge all I'll Be Home For Christmas fans to email UK Disney Channel and ask for I'll Be Home For Christmas to be shown.  You can email them at it will take you about 20 seconds to do so please help. :)

Added November 23, 2004

Jonathan Taylor ThomasHome Improvement DVD Released
Credit: Amazon

Be sure to order the 24 episode Series One of Home Improvement on DVD for Christmas or even add it to your Christmas list. ;)

You can order it online with 24 hour shipping by clicking here.

Added November 01, 2004

Jonathan Taylor ThomasHome Improvement Series One Disk Art Released
Credit: Amazon & TV Shows On DVD

Thanks to TV Shows On DVD we can see the disk art of the first Home Improvement series DVD.  As you will know the DVD is being released this month on the 23rd and we have already posted the DVD box cover here but now by clicking here you can see the DVD disk art.  Remember you can still pre-order the DVD at Amazon by clicking here.

Added October 31, 2004

Jonathan Taylor ThomasThe Simpsons Christmas 2 DVD Featuring Dude Where's My Ranch?
Credit: Amazon

The Simpsons Christmas 2 DVD will be released on the 2nd November 2004 for just $10.49 which should work out to about 6.00.  This DVD includes four episodes which are: Homer vs. Dignity, Skinner's Sense of Snow, Dude Where's My Ranch? and 'Tis the 15th Season.  You can buy this item at Amazon by clicking here.

Added October 21, 2004

Jonathan Taylor ThomasSmallville Season 3 on DVD, Smallville Trading Cards & Jonathan Taylor Thomas' Autograph
Credit: Amazon & Silver Comics

Smallville Season 3; the set arrives in stores on November 16, and the set includes commentaries, deleted scenes, gag reels, featurettes, and all 22 episodes from Season Three including Asylum in which Jonathan Taylor Thomas takes up the role of Ian Randall for the 2nd episode.  Don't miss out! Click here to preorder the DVD! 

InkWorks are bringing out Smallville Trading Cards, these will include all characters from Series Three including Ian Randall the "bad guy" Jonathan Taylor Thomas played as.  each box will contain one autographed card which can include Jonathan Taylor Thomas's!  To Read the full article please click here [Pops Up].

Added September 24, 2004

Jonathan Taylor ThomasHome Improvement DVD Cover, Date & Price Released
Credit: Amazon

Yes you can now tell the time is getting closer and closer for Home Improvement Season 1 to come out on DVD, the price and the DVD cover have been released over at Amazon.  The following is taken from Amazon...

List Price:      $49.99
Price:        $34.99 & This item ships for FREE with Super Saver      Shipping. See details.
You Save:      $15.00 (30%)

Availability: This item will be released on November 23, 2004. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.
Added July 02, 2004

Jonathan Taylor ThomasHome Improvement DVD Details Now At Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Below is what Amazon says about this product.  You can get the full information by clicking here.

Home Improvement (1991)

Availability: NOT YET RELEASED: The studio is currently not producing this title on DVD, but to be notified when it is available, enter your e-mail address at right. You'll also be voting for this release; we'll let the studio know how many customers are waiting for this title.

Search Now:

Added April 10, 2004

Jonathan Taylor ThomasThru The Moebius Strip update
Credit: Thru The Moebius Strip

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is confirmed to play the voicing role of Prince Ragis in Thru The Moebius Strip.  An outline of the character he is voicing for is as follows:

"Ragis, The Fearless Prince.  A strong, courageous and noble alien who believes in truth and honor for his people.  His evil uncle Tor is current King of Raphicca.  He fufills Shipway's prophecy of bringing the Light back to Raphicca."

There are two screen captures taken from the official website added for your viewing.  Please click here and here to view these.  The Filmography (voice over's), the Archive and the Gallery have also been updated with Thru The Moebius Strip latest images, news and synopsis.

Added April 06, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, In Living ColorIn Living Color available on DVD
Credit: Amazon

In Living Color is available on DVD, this post a a couple of months late but still we thought late news is better than no news, right?  Anyway, you can now purchase In Living Color on DVD from Amazon by clicking here.  If you need refreshing about this program then feel free to have a look over in our gallery, and the filmography.

Added April 04, 2004

Credit: Cafe Press

We have had some people asking us for J.T.T products such as mugs and mouse pads, therefore we have gone the extra step to create a store that sells just that and more!  If you want to purchase any of these items for an affordable price then click here.  Thank you for your support.

Added March 21, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Home ImprovementGet Home Improvement on DVD NOW!
Credit: Petition Online

There is a petition on Petition Online to try and get Home Improvement on DVD in series form, currently there is around 650 signatures, this in not nearly enough! We want need you to support this by clicking here and signing the petition! 

Added March 19, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Thru the Moebius StripThru the Moebius Strip Website Launched
Credit: Thru the Moebius Strip

Just a quick note: Thru the Moebius Strip website has been launched with a lot of details about the animation which Jonathan Taylor Thomas will be voicing in, you can view the website at:- 

Added March 05, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, SmallvillePre-order Smallville Season 2 From Amazon!
Credit: Amazon

Smallville Season 2 can now be pre-ordered from Amazon, it includes the episode that Jonathan Taylor Thomas guest starred in 'Dichotic', the DVD also includes a lot of behind the scenes footage, although we don't know until the DVD comes out there could be some extra footage of 'Dichotic', more information on that will come nearer the release date.  You can pre-order this DVD by clicking here or through the Amazon button at the bottom or to the left.  Please shop through our Amazon links so it supports this website too.  Thanks.  More information about this DVD is below:-

  • Encoding: Region 1
  • Rated: NR
  • DVD Release Date: May 25, 2004
  • DVD Features:
    • All 23 episodes on six discs, two with commentary, five with deleted scenes
    • The Chloe Chronicles - webisode investigations
    • Faster Than a Speeding Bullet: The Visual FX of "Smallville"
    • Christopher Reeve: Man of Steel
    • Gag Reel
    • Wide screen anamorphic format
    • Number of discs: 6
  • Average Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars

Pre-order your copy now!

Added February 23, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, SmallvilleSmallville's Asylum UK air date/time confirmed.
Credit: E4

Time - 21:00 to 22:00 (1 hour long).
When - Monday 1st March on E4

Asylum. Series 3, episode 9. 

Drama series following the teenage years of Clark Kent. While languishing in Belle Reve sanatorium after being placed there by his father, Lex schemes to escape and becomes involved with three inmates with vengeance on their mind - Van McNulty, Eric Summers and Ian Randall. Meanwhile Clark tries to help Lex, and Lana begins the painful recovery process after being trampled by a horse and finds a kindred spirit in a fellow patient.

Starring: Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Annette O'Toole, Michael Rosenbaum, Shawn Ashmore, Jesse Metcalfe.

Added February 18, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, 8 Simple Rules8 Simple Rules, Opposites Attract Part II screen caps and Part III synopsis
Credit: ABC

New screen caps have been added to our 8 Simple Rules gallery, you can find them all by clicking here.

Next Episode: "Opposites Attract, Part III: Night of the Locust"
Tuesday, February 24, 8/7c

After being told that she's fickle when it comes to relationships, Bridget is afraid that she may end up hurting Jeremy's feelings (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) when her ex-bad boy boyfriend, Damian, returns to town. Meanwhile, Kerry is outraged and plans revenge when "provocative" dancing has been banned from the high school formal, which is being chaperoned by Cate and Jim, C.J. partners with Rory to broadcast school scandals over the internet, and Jim falls for Ms. McKenna (Academy Award-winner Tatum O'Neal), a member of the high school's PTA committee.

Added February 16, 2004

Jonathan Taylor ThomasSmallville Season 2 on DVD
Credit: Krypton Site

Smallville Season 2 will be available in shops to purchase on the 25th May 2004, this DVD will feature all episodes from the 2nd season which include Dichotic in which Jonathan Taylor Thomas played the role of Ian Randall.  The DVD is not yet available to pre-order from Amazon but we will let you know when it is.

Added February 14, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, 8 Simple Rules8 Simple Rules, Opposites Attract Part I ratings and Opposites Attract Part II' synopsis
Credit: ABC & TV Heaven

Opposites Attract, Part I was fourth in its timeslot overall and fourth in timeslot among viewers 18-49.  It clearly was not a good showing because of FOX's American Idol, but this week NBC aired a special re-airing of Friends, which probably stole most of 8 Simple Rules' audience.

Next Episode: "Opposites Attract, Part II"
Tuesday, February 17, 8/7c

Bridget decides to make a move on her brainy tutor, Jeremy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), but discovers that he may have his sights set on her debate team opponent. Meanwhile, after accidentally setting fire to C.J.'s van, Jim is not-so-thrilled when Cate forces him to share his basement room with his now homeless nephew.

Added February 13, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, 8 Simple RulesMore '8 Simple Rules, Opposites Attract Part I' screen caps!

There's now some more new 8 Simple Rules screen caps in the gallery, you can click here to see them all.  We'll be adding more as we get them so keep coming back.

Added February 07, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, 8 Simple RulesNew Jonathan pictures from 8 Simple Rules uploaded!!
Credit: ABC

We've just added 12 new Jonathan Taylor Thomas photographs in the Gallery from '8 Simple Rule, Opposites Attract.'  Click here to view them all.

Also on a side note Opposites Attract Part 3 was taped yesterday (Friday, February 6, 2004)

Added January 30, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Thru the Moebius StripJonathan signed on to voice in new animation?
Credit: The Z Review

Well it's all go this year for Jonathan Taylor Thomas, first we saw him in 'Smallville, Asylum' (not yet aired in the UK), in February we will be seeing him in the US guest staring in the ever so popular '8 Simple Rules' and now he has apparently signed a new deal for another voice over in what seems to be a promising sci-fi animation.

Senator International will distribute this CG sci-fi movie from French artist Jean Giraud that was written by Jim Cox and Paul Gertz. Vocal talent comes from Mark Hamill, Chris Marguette, Michael Dorn, Kellie Martin, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jean Simmons and the story follows a boy who travels to a magical, alien world of giants to find his long-lost father and realize his own destiny.

More news on 'Thru The Moebius Strip' as we get it!

Added January 30, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, 8 Simple RulesOfficial ABC '8 Simple Rules Opposites Attract Part 1' Synopsis
Credit: ABC

Next Episode: "Opposites Attract, Part I"
Tuesday, February 10, 8/7c

Bridget hires Jeremy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) a socially inept, fellow student to tutor her in order to boost her grades to better her chances at being accepted by a good college. But with Valentine's Day fast approaching, Bridget soon finds herself without a date when her boyfriend gets sick, and her friends begin to wonder if Jeremy is taking his place. Meanwhile, Kyle treats Kerry to an very un-corporate Valentine's Day celebration, Rory gets pointers from Jim and Cate about the perfect gift for girlfriend Missy, and Jim sends C.J. on an errand that lands him in Canada.

Added January 28, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, 8 Simple RulesJonathan in 8 Simple Rules Update
Credit: TV Tome

Episode: Opposites Attract (1)
Episode Number: 41
Tape Date: Friday 16th January 2004
Air Date:
10th February 2004

"In need of a tutor to boost her grades, Bridget hires Jeremy, hoping to make her chance of getting into a good college better. However, after her boyfriend gets sick, Bridget tries to persuade Jeremy to take his place. Meanwhile, Kyle treats Kerry to an very un-corporate Valentine's Day celebration. Rory gets pointers about the perfect gift for his new girlfriend Missy. Jim sends C.J. on an errand which ends him far, far away."

Episode: Opposites Attract (2)
Episode Number: 42
Tape Date: Friday 23rd January 2004

Air Date:
17th February 2004

Episode: Opposites Attract (3)
Episode Number: 43
Air Date: February 24, 2004  

Guest Stars: Tatum O'Neal (as ?) Jonathan Taylor Thomas (as Jeremy)

Please note that the above air dates are for the US only, air dates for the UK are still unknown.  Jonathan Taylor Thomas will be playing the part of Jeremy.

Added January 15, 2004

Jonathan Taylor Thomas OnlineSmallville's Asylum US Ratings
Credit: KryptonSite

The overnight ratings numbers for "Asylum" were lower than usual, which is often the case when it's the first new episode after a long string of repeats, unfortunately. Increased competition for the show definitely didn't help matters. Hopefully the WB will re-air the episode and "Shattered" some time as a 2-hour event so people can see what they missed. Smallville finished 7th at 5.1/8 (3.8/6 (R)).  Asylum is still yet to air in the UK.

Added January 01, 2004

Jonathan Taylor ThomasJonathan Taylor Thomas UK TV Guide
Credit: IMdb

For all Jonathan Taylor Thomas TV appearances in the United Kingdom please click here, it's a guide produced by Digi Guide and will be the best place to look.

Added December 20, 2003

Jonathan Taylor Thomas OnlineSmallville's Asylum info and trailer
Credit: KryptonSite

"Asylum" Guests: All Figured Out?
Executive Producer Miles Millar hinted that three former "Freaks of the Week" will be in an asylum and team up to go after Clark in an upcoming episode. We have figured that the episode in question is "Asylum." One returning FOTW for the episode has already been revealed -- Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Ian Randall from "Dichotic." A second, Shawn Ashmore as Eric Summers from "Leech," has now surfaced as being confirmed in the Vancouver Sun.

But who else is coming back?

Wasn't Van from "Extinction" recently sent to an asylum? He may not be a FOTW, more a FOTW-hunter, but he could quite easily be there... "R.C." tells us that Jesse Metcalfe did indeed recently return to the set of Smallville for a return appearance, which would definitely feed the "Van from Extinction is back" theory.

Metcalfe isn't the only person that R.C. said would be appearing in the episode. He says that Elias Toufexis (from the upcoming movie "Decoys") appears as a new "meteor freak" by the name of Luke. You can find a picture of him to your right. Toufexis's online biography reveals that he once wrote an off-Broadway play called "Killing Jar Jar," so if he is indeed the Smallville guest, he at least has some decent taste.

UPDATE: Madsci e-mails us to tell us that the official Passions website states that Jesse Metcalfe "currently wrapped production on his second segment of the WB's hit show Smallville." Sounds like confirmation to us...

One other thing to keep in mind, however: Miles Millar said "three former FOTWs" were coming back. As Van wasn't necessarily a meteor freak, could this mean that there could be more surprises to come from "Asylum?" Guess we'll know in January... as it stands "Asylum" is already a big episode, as it introduces Ian Somerhalder as Bruce Wayne Adam...

For the Smallville Asylum Trailer please check our downloads section.

Added December 18, 2003

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, 8 Simple RulesJonathan Taylor Thomas to guest star in 8 Simple Rules
Credit: 8 Simple Rules Heaven

"Home Improvement" star Jonathan Taylor Thomas, will be guest starring on 8 Simple Rules this February for three episodes, playing Bridget's study partner-turned crush."

An exact date is not yet set in stone, we will keep you up dated.

Added November 24, 2003

Jonathan Taylor ThomasJonathan Taylor Thomas on the NRA list

"Jonathan Taylor Thomas is listed on the NRA Black List, for anyone that has not already heard of this or even know what this is about feel free to read on for more information.

The following is quoted from the NRA celebrity list website:-

"The following organizations have lent monetary, grassroots or some other type of direct support to anti-gun organizations. In many instances, these organizations lent their name in support of specific campaigns to pass anti-gun legislation such as the March 1995 HCI "Campaign to Protect Sane Gun Laws." Many of these organizations were listed as "Campaign Partners," for having pledged to fight any efforts to repeal the Brady Act and the Clinton "assault weapons" ban. All have officially endorsed anti-gun positions."

The website then goes on to list various actors, actresses and organizations, towards the bottom of the list you can find Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  To read the entire article or visit the website you can click the following links.

The Pulse24 article was written on 29th October 2003.

Added November 16, 2003

Jonathan Taylor Thomas OnlineJonathan Taylor Thomas to appear in Smallville Asylum

Adam: Young, attractive man Lana meets in her phsycal therapy.

Conelly: Man who seems to be treating Lex at the Belle Reve Sanitarium.

- Teaser. We see a young man described as the "macabre mix of humanity" watching intently to the TV while others spin in circles around the room. The typical description of a sanitarium. The Belle Reve Sanitarium to be exact. 

- Make the connection already? Yes. Lex is a patient of the Belle Reve Sanitarium. We see him asleep on his cot when the door opens and a "mean-faced orderly" appears with two paper cups. Lex ignores him "Get up, Curly. Time for you nine o'clock meds", the man says. The orderly reaches down to wake Lex, but Lex's hand whips up and strikes jabbing into the guy's gut leaving him of unconscious. No wonder why Lex is here. He's got really violent. 

- Another orderly comes to stop Lex and asks how did he manage to get out of his restraints. A guy by the name of Connelly says he doesn't know, but that he'll not take any chances. The orderly pins Lex's arms, as Conelly pulls out a syringe. Ouch.

- Smallville Medical Center. It seems Lana suffers some kind of accident, since she ends up in physical therapy. We see her struggling to walk on the bars. A female therapist helps her through. While Lana struggles, we see a handsome teen across the room named Adam doing leg extensions on a weight machine. He glances at Lana. "That's enough for today" the therapist tells Adam. "I know my limits" the boy replies. "If I listened to you people, I'd still be in bed" he stubbornly says. 

- Metropolis General Hospital. We see a pale, hollow-cheeked man lie in a hospital bed. A nurse adjusts his IV leading into the man's limp arm. Dr. Foster (last seen in "Perry") hurries through the door "What's the emergency?" she asks. The nurse tells her everything is fine. She asks who paged her then. "I did" Clark says. Clark looks at the man lying on the bed. "Is this what you're planning on doing to Lex, frying his brain?" He asks. Another evil doctor in Lex's life? Pretty likely.

- We go back to the physical therapy room. Lana tries to grab the crutches, but lands on her face. She meets with Adam again. "Can you believe I used to be a nice guy with no issues?" Adam says. "Nice guys usually have the most issues" Lana replies. It seems they both got into an argument before, since Adam apologizes to Lana. They talk. She asks him why is he there. Adam tells her that while trying to get into a burning building to safe his parents, a beam collapsed on him. Lana looks up into his sad yes, moved, feeling a connection. A new love interest for Lana or another freak of the week? We'll have to wait and see. ;)

"There's a story coming up where we revisit three former villains in the asylum just outside town. Usually at the end of an episode they're placed on a gurney, put into a waiting ambulance and taken away. Now we get to see where they end up. Ian Randall (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) from Dichotic teams up with two other familiar faces in a plot to get Clark. It's going to be a fun episode." Said executive producer Miles Millar in the Dreamwatch magazine, issue 111. It's speculated, he's likely referring to this episode.

Added October 07, 2003

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Online, The Lion KingThe Lion King DVD release information

The King has returned. For the first time ever on DVD, ''The Lion King'' Special Edition reigns supreme with a completely enhanced and restored digital presentation. The Special Edition features an all-new song, ''Morning Report'' by Elton John and Tim Rice, seamlessly integrated into the film. Available for a limited time only, bring the most critically acclaimed animated film of all time home today! Digital Surround Sound. THX-certified. English and French language tracks. Rated G. DVD Bonus Features

  • Two Versions of the Film
    Special Edition -- Features the all-new song ''Morning Report'' with never-before seen animation seamlessly integrated into the original film.
    Original Theatrical Release
  • Deleted Scenes
  • All-New Music Videos
  • Timon's Grab-a-Grub Game
  • Audio Commentary
  • Exclusive interviews with Sir Elton John and Tim Rice
  • There's more! [See all the DVD Bonus Features]

The Release dates are as follows:

United Kingdom: 31/10/03
United States: 07/10/03 (Today)

You can purchase The Lion King DVD by following one of the links below:

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas Online, The SimpsonsJonathan Taylor Thomas in The Simpson's
Source: Sky One

Jonathan Taylor Thomas will be featured in the newest Simpson's season as the voice of Luke who Lisa falls in love with.

TV Station: Sky One
Sunday 17th August 2003
Time: 18:30 PM


After David Byrne turns Homer's anti-Flanders song into a monster hit, the family vacations at a dude ranch, where Lisa falls in love with a wrangler (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), and Homer and Bart rescue Native Americans from beavers.