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2005 - Tilt-A-Whirl
Role: Customer #3

Synopsis: A Hollywood producer has a nervous breakdown in front of a coffeeshop girl, leading him to question the meaning of his existence. Click here for more information.
2000 - Common Ground
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Tobias Anderson

Synopsis: This movie contains three short stories dealing with the theme of homosexuality. In "A Friend of Dorothy" written by Paula Vogel, a woman (Brittany Murphy) joins the Navy during the 1950's and discovers lesbianism. In "Mr. Roberts", written by Terrence McNally, a teacher (Steven Weber) in a 1970's classroom struggles with his closeted gay status. Finally in "Amos and Andy", a father (Edward Asner) wrestles with his own emotional acceptance of a present day wedding between his son (James Le Gros) and another man. Tobias Anderson is a gay youth who has to deal with the problems this gives him.
1999 - Speedway Junky
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Steven

Synopsis: A young high school dropout with aspirations of joining the NASCAR racing circuit travels to Las Vegas in order to strike it rich and see his dreams realized. Reality sets in, however, as he is robbed, propositioned and beaten soon after his arrival. A kind-hearted hustler takes him in and cares for him. The two teenagers develop a close friendship which transcends their troubled lives. Through their relationship, the young man learns lessons about perseverance, loyalty and love. Jonathan plays the role of a bisexual hustler that attempts to hustle people for money.
1999 - Walking Across Egypt
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Wesley Benfield

Synopsis: Jonathan plays the role of Wesley Benfield who is a teenage boy who escapes from detention and attempts to dodge the law by staying with, who he believes is his grandmother.
1998 - I Woke Up Early The Day I Died
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: An extra at the beach

Synopsis: A mental patient escapes from the looney bin in drag, robs a bank, and goes on the lam!
1998 - I'll Be Home For Christmas
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Jake Wilkinson

Synopsis: A college student, has one thing on his mind - get home for Christmas dinner or forfeit the vintage Porsche his father promised him. Jake is a wheeling, dealing, self-centered college student, has one thing on his mind - get home for Christmas dinner or forfeit the vintage Porsche his father promised him.
1996 - The Adventures Of Pinocchio
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Pinocchio

Synopsis: This live-action version tries to bring back the Grimm-er vision of Carlo Collodi's 19th-century tale, and at first it succeeds. Martin Landau's Geppetto is no kindly papa figure but a touching lost soul, and his relationship with his woodboy--a remarkable . creation of the Henson Creature Shop.
1995 - Man Of The House
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Ben Archer

Synopsis: Chase seems oddly sedated as a button-down prosecutor who moves in with a divorcee (Farrah Fawcett) and her disapproving son (Thomas). The fun is supposed to come not only from Chase's ineffectual efforts to become a father figure but also from the kid's sour-spirited schemes to drive him away. Somehow, this soporific comedy did decent business in theaters, where audiences presumably stayed awake. At home, on a comfortable couch, you may not make it. Jonathan portrays an eleven year old boy who becomes jealous of mom Farrah Fawcett's (Charlie's Angels) new boyfriend Chevy Chase (Last Action Hero, Fletch) and decides to make his life hell. He is determined to get Chase out of his and his mother's lives and will stop at no stupid prank to get the job done.
1995 - Wild America
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Marshall Stouffer

Synopsis: Three brothers - Marshall, Marty and Mark dream of becoming naturalists and portraying animal life of America. One summer their dream comes true, they travel through America, filming alligators, bears and moose. Jonathan plays the youngest of the boys named Marshall Stouffer. Marshall goes along with his brothers Mark and Marty to confront nature in the wild. The brothers grow to understand and respect the nature of the wild.
1994 - Tom and Huck
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Tom Sawyer

Synopsis: Tom Sawyer and his best "friend" Huck go on many adventures throughout the town of Hannibel, Missouri. Finished by him winning the heart of young Becky Thatcher. Some of the adventures include: finding lost treasure, witnessing a murder, getting lost in a cave, and almost getting killed. Based on the book, Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain.
1991 to 1998 - Home Improvement
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Randall William Taylor a.k.a 'Randy'

Synopsis: Home Improvement is a sitcom about Tim Taylor, the accident prone host of a television program about tools, who raises his dysfunctional family. Jill Taylor is Tim's wife. Wilson Wilson is Tim's neighbor. Al Borland is Tim's flannel-wearing co-host on Tool Time, his television show. Heidi Keppert is the attractive Tool Time girl on his show. Brad, Randy, and Mark Taylor are Tim's three sons.
1990 - The Bradys
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Kevin Brady

Synopsis: The first ever series of The Bradys.
1990 - In Living Color
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Kevin McAllister

Synopsis: A Home Alone sketch

2005 - Veronica Mars, Episode 18: Neptune Undercover
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Ben

Synopsis: Jonathan Taylor Thomas played"Ben" in episode: "Weapons of Class Destruction" (episode # 1.18) on 12th April 2005.
2004 - 8 Simple Rules Opposites Attract (Part 1, 2 & 3)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Jeremy

Synopsis: Bridget hires (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) — a socially inept, fellow student — to tutor her in order to boost her grades to better her chances at being accepted by a good college. But with Valentine's Day fast approaching, Bridget soon finds herself without a date when her boyfriend gets sick, and her friends begin to wonder if Jeremy is taking his place. Meanwhile, Kyle treats Kerry to an very un-corporate Valentine's Day celebration, Rory gets pointers from Jim and Cate about the perfect gift for girlfriend Missy, and Jim sends C.J. on an errand that lands him in Canada.
2004 - Smallville, Asylum
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Ian Randall

Synopsis: Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) teams up with three krypto-villians to lure Clark (Tom Welling) to the hospital to enlist his help in escaping after he hears that Lionel (John Glover) has requested Lex be given electroshock therapy to erase his memory. However, the plan goes awry when the villains double-cross Lex and use kryptonite to steal Clark's powers. Meanwhile, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) meets a mysterious new stranger (Ian Somerhalder, 'Rules of Attraction') in the hospital. Allison Mack, Sam Jones III, Annette O'Toole and John Schneider also star. Greg Beeman directed the episode written by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer.
2001 - Smallville, Dichotic
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Ian Randall

Synopsis: Wonder student Ian does the work of two students and we soon find out that he has the ability to clone a copy of himself. First he kills a shop teacher who gives him a bad grade and then starts dating both Chloe and Lana to advance his prospects and when Clark suspects, Ian tries to kill him and Pete while having a perfect alibi. Clark soon figures things out but Lana and Chloe initially dismiss his suspicions as jealousy. When they figure it out Ian(s) capture them both and takes them to a dam to fake a double-suicide. Clark rescues them and one of the Ians dies. Clark, Lana, and Chloe come to some kind of arrangement.
2000 - Ally McBeal
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Chris Emerson

Synopsis: Jonathan stars as Chris Emerson in the episode called "Do You Wanna Dance" (episode 3.19/65) which aired the first time May 8th, 2000. He plays a teenager who has cybersex with Ally, under the screenname "Thunder Thighs". They decide to meet, but when they do, Ally finds that he's much younger than she expected. Chris gets her convinced that he's 19, and Ally agrees to go to dinner with him. But just when they start to leave, Chris' mother shows up with the cops, and Ally is charged for having had Cybersex with a minor, as Chris is only 16.
1990 - Wild And Crazy Kids
Role: Unknown

Synopsis: Unknown

2004 - Adventures in Odyssey: Go West Young Man
Role: Dylan Taylor

2004 - Adventures in Odyssey: Star Quest
Role: Dylan Taylor

2004 - Adventures in Odyssey: Electric Christmas
Role: Dylan Taylor

2004 - Thru The Moebius Strip
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Prince Ragis

Synopsis: Senator International will distribute this CG sci-fi movie from French artist Jean Giraud that was written by Jim Cox and Paul Gertz. Vocal talent comes from Mark Hamill, Chris Marguette, Michael Dorn, Kellie Martin, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jean Simmons and the story follows a boy who travels to a magical, alien world of giants to find his long-lost father and realize his own destiny.
2003 - The Simpsons, Dude Where's My Ranch?
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Role: Luke Stetson

Synopsis: Homer decides to write an original Christmas carol, and pens a tune called “Flanders is a Jerk.” The song rockets up the charts, and the Simpsons are overwhelmed by the sudden success. They decide to get away from it all and take a restful vacation at a dude ranch. At the ranch, Homer and Bart befriend a tribe of native Americans. They want a dam removed, to restore running water for their village. Battling a swarm of beavers, Homer and Bart manage to destroy the dam and become honorary members of the tribe. Meanwhile, Lisa falls for a cowhand named Lukas, who happens to be – much to Marge’s dismay – a few years older. Lisa’s jealousy gets the best of her when she finds that he has girlfriend, and she gets the other girl lost in the woods by giving her bad directions. Eventually, Lisa apologizes for her meddling and she and Lukas part as friends.
2000 - The Wild Thornberry's
Role: Tyler Tucker

2000 - The Tangerine Bear

2000 - Timothy Tweedle The Last Christmas Elf

1996 - The Oz Kids
Role: Scarecrow Jr.

1996 - Toto Lost In New York
Role: Scarecrow Jr.

1996 - The Nome Prince And The Magic Belt
Role: Scarecrow Jr.

1996 - Christmas In Oz
Role: Scarecrow Jr.

1996 - Who Stole Santa?
Role: Scarecrow Jr.

1994 - The Lion King
Role: Young Simba

1987 - The Adventures Of Spot (US Revoiced)
Role: Spot


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