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The Simpsons, Dude Where's My Ranch? (2003)

Thru The Moebius Strip (2004)


Common Ground (2000)

I'll Be Home For Christmas (1998)

Man Of The House (1995)

Speedway Junky (1999)

Tom And Huck (1994)

The Adventures Of Pinocchio (1996)

Walking Across Egypt (1999)

Wild America (1995)


8 Simple Rules Opposites Attract I (2004)
Opposites Attract II
                   Opposites Attract III

Ally McBeal (2000)

Home Improvement (1, 2) (1991 - 1999)

In Living Color (1990)

Smallville, Asylum (2004)

Smallville, Dichotic (2002)

The Bradys (1990)

Veronica Mars Weapons Of Class Destruction (2005)




Miscellaneous (1, 2)


Art work by Kris